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[News] Old Machines Reborn as Modern GNU/Linux Computers

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Breathing New Life into Old Servers

,----[ Quote ]
| For my purposes however I decided to download Ubuntu Linux 8.04 Sparc 
| Edition, although which OS you decide to use is entirely up to you. My 
| reasons for using Ubuntu were that the rest of my Linux platforms all run it, 
| and I have a set of already-running monitoring scripts that work with them, 
| making monitoring much easier.    


Cleaning Out the Closet: What to Do With Those Worn-Out Legacy Systems

,----[ Quote ]
| Many large enterprises still run critical applications on legacy Linux and 
| Unix platforms. Much like the fabled Energizer Bunny, these old computing 
| OSes keep going and going and going. Some of these are not even in production 
| any more.   



Why it's hard for Microsoft to catch the next wave

,----[ Quote ]
| I call it the "tyranny of the installed base." I saw plenty of it when I 
| worked at minicomputer Data General in the 1990s. Customers want bug fixes 
| and enhancements to their existing products--even if it's some legacy 
| database that fewer and fewer people used with each passing year. The result 
| is that lots of resources get sucked into supporting the "old stuff," leaving 
| that much less energy, money, etc. for the "new stuff."     
| But the real issue here is more insidious. A company, especially a public 
| company, can't really "Just Say No" to that installed base and tell them to 
| take their business elsewhere. Imagine if you would this scenario: Ballmer 
| wakes up next Monday morning after having an epiphany over the weekend. He 
| walks into Redmond, tosses a few chairs for emphasis, and announces that 
| Microsoft is going to immediately discontinue selling and developing its 
| Windows operating system and Office products because they're mired in the 
| past and have become too much a distraction from what's really important--its 
| online services business.        

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