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Re: Schestowitz banned from Google - Violates "terms of use"

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____/ Philip on Wednesday 04 March 2009 21:49 : \____

> Ezekiel wrote:
>> From "Google Groups" find any Schestowitz post.
>> Next to his name there's a hyperlink to "View profile"
>> Click on this link and Google will report:
>> <quote>
>> Profile
>> This account has been banned because it violated the Google Groups Terms Of
>> Use.
>> Enter an email address to look up the profile for an author:
>> </quote>
>> Google knows a self-serving spammer when it see's one.
> Hypocrites. They should go after the Watches, Nikes, and Cigarette guys
> who post out of gmail.

Hehe. The Microsoft Munchkins toil hard to achieve nothing of significance.
I've been posting Linux news to comp.os.linux.advocacy for several years with
the support of the group. The trolls have obviously been harassing the
advocates and tried to silence them (since the 90s). Some years ago they
mass-ranked me 1/5 (thousands of times in a few days) and now they
mass-complained to Google Groups. Given that my posts are accepted by regulars
except the ad hominem-spewing trolls, this is rather amusing.

Oh, by the way, since when does Google own or run USENET?

Needless to say, this has no effect and the trolls can carry on with their
libel campaigns. They can't save Microsoft, which has sunk like a rock.

Earlier today I spoke again with a lobby of Microsoft shareholders. They camr
to /me/ because they want to toss Steve Ballmer and I helped them gather

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                ~~ Best of wishes

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