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[News] Lies Against Free Software Busted

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Joe 'Zonker' Brockmeier Fights FOSS License FUD 

,----[ Quote ]
| An additional note - a lot of people like to use scare tactics to try to 
| convince companies to avoid "tainting" their software with GPLed software, 
| claiming that it could force a company to open all of their software. Not 
| true -- the worst case scenario is really that a company may be forced to 
| cease distribution of the GPLed software if they're not willing to comply 
| with the license. Now, this may be inconvenient, but if a company feels that 
| its code will lose value to the company if distributed under the GPL, they 
| can opt to not distribute the GPLed code and retain their copyrighted code 
| under whatever license they choose.        
| Proprietary companies want money for their code, projects that GPL software 
| simply want code in lieu of money. (Of course, it's not unheard of for 
| authors to dual-license software too - so companies have the option of asking 
| to pay licensing fees for GPLed code.)   



Linux Elitism: Fact or Fiction?

,----[ Quote ]
| Most open source enthusiasts want more people to embrace Free and Open Source
| Software solutions, but just like how the style of products is important to
| Apple aficionados, familiarity with the terminal and an appreciation of the
| under-the-hood mechanics matter to the FOSS lovers. That said, FOSS has an
| added element absent from the corporate-backed technologies. Whereas fans of
| products made by rather large businesses need to appeal in aggregate (or
| focus groups) to get noticed in the product design process, FOSS is a
| free-for-all. Anyone is free to bring anything to the table. While a lot of
| folks may get corporate logo tattoos and/or pontificate about what
| such-and-such company did right or wrong, few of them will ever have any
| actual input. On the other hand, if Joe Sixpack wants to make his own Linux-
| or BSD-based operating system with his own logo and software, he's free to do
| that. FOSS is based on empowerment and the appreciation of empowerment, and
| with empowerment comes responsibility.

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