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[News] Pharamas and Publishers Take Lesson from Free Software Movement

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Harnessing the Crowd to Make Better Drugs: Merck’s Friend Nails Down $5M to
Propel New Open Source Era

,----[ Quote ]
| Sage is built on the premise that vast networks of genes get perturbed, or 
| thrown off-kilter, in complex diseases like cancer, diabetes, and obesity. 
| Scientists can’t just pick one faulty gene or protein and make a magic bullet 
| to shut it down. But what if researchers around the world capturing genomic 
| profiles on patients could get all of their data to talk to each other 
| through a free, open database? A researcher in Seattle looking at how all 
| 35,000 genes in breast cancer patients are dialed on or off at a certain 
| stage of illness might be able to make critical comparisons by stacking 
| results up against a deeper and broader data pool that integrates clinical, 
| genetic, and other molecular data from peers in, say, San Francisco, New 
| Haven, CT, or anywhere else.          


Connexions: An Open Source Initiative to Kill Textbooks

,----[ Quote ]
| If you haven't checked out TED, then you're missing out on some big ideas. 
| The conference, who's acronym stands for "Technology, Entertainment, Design", 
| seeks to uncover and showcase "ideas worth spreading." The annual conference 
| brings together the world's most fascinating thinkers and dowers, who are 
| challenged to give the "talk of their lives" in under 18 minutes.     



Academic Astroturfing for Medical Profits

,----[ Quote ]
| JAMA has a rather scathing editorial condemning what is apparently the 
| practice of ghostwriting and appending known specialists names as lead 
| authors in studies that are then used to promote pharmaceuticals and medical 
| devices.   

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