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[News] Open Source Company Expands in the Depression

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Talend Expands with Funding, New Products, Customers and Partners in 2008

,----[ Quote ]
| Talend, the first provider of open source data integration software, today 
| announced another year of record growth in 2008, making the move from being a 
| disruptive innovator to an open source data integration leader. The 
| popularity of Talend Open Studio, the company's flagship open source data 
| integration solution, has risen sharply since its introduction more than two 
| years ago with 3.3 million lifetime downloads. In the past 12 months, alone, 
| Talend's paying customer base increased by more than 300 percent, steadily 
| taking market share away from proprietary data integration tools and 
| confirming the suitability and scalability of its solutions for enterprise 
| projects of large and well-known companies.          



Purple Labs Revenues Jump On Openwave Deal

,----[ Quote ]
| Serving as a ray of light in an otherwise dark economic climate, Purple Labs
| reported its revenue quadrupled to $14.1 million in the second half of 2008
| compared with the first half, and that it has raised about $29.25 million in
| series-B funding.
| The French company, a mobile stack developer and LiMo Foundation member,
| contributed the significant jump in revenue largely to the acquisition and
| relaunch of its Openwave mobile browser business.


Zmanda's Revenue and Subscriber Base Quadrupled in 2008 via Open Source Data
Protection Solutions

,----[ Quote ]
| While data protection is a key factor in all sized businesses, the cost of
| data protection has become a challenge for businesses that are affected by
| economical crisis.

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