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Re: More ARM Sub-notebooks Refrences Designs (Linux Only)

On Feb 28, 1:30 pm, "DFS" <nospam@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> unionpe...@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > The number of people that want a desktop computer is really rather
> > small.
> This is just a plain ridiculous comment, ala Mark Kent and HPT.

So your friends and acquaintances want their own personal mainframe?
I mean aside from real programmer types.

> > The Windows goons drone on and on about how its all about
> > applications.  I think they are right.
> Of course we're right.  We're used to having the best apps, and moving to
> Linux (cr)apps is jarring.

And yet you ignore the shabby code put out by Microsoft, the abusive
EULAs, the security problems.  *You* may be able to keep internet
creeps out of your Windows box, but you are not typical.

"You see what you want to see"

> > Windows is adequate at human interaction but falls flat with the
> > computer side of the activity.  A windows server does not sit
> > quietly.

Google --->windows home server lose
first hit is http://www.informationweek.com/news/personal_tech/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=205205974
The title is " Windows Home Server Bug Could Lead To Data Loss"

Your statement does not match up with the MS reputation.  Are you
thinking of business class servers?  And anyway, what good is a quiet
server that trashes your files?

> > It needs constant security updates,
> Bullshit.
> > reboots,
> Bullshit
> > it needs a monitor and keyboard,
> Bullshit.

Huh?  You can administer Windows without a monitor and keyboard?  When
did that happen?  What am I missing?

> > and worst of all, it botches security.
> Bullshit.

Tell me again what percentage of the worlds Windows computers are part
of botnets ???
Do I have to be afraid to plug random USB sticks into a Windows box?

> > Windows also has a problem on the business end of this market.
> > They need the price of the hardware to be rather high in order to fit the
> > license fee into the product.
> More stupidity.  Microcenter sells a 15" Acer laptop (AS5515-5831) w/ Vista
> Home Premium SP1, for $359.

Exactly!  This is the Microsoft approach.  An overbuilt, expensive,
complicated solution for a glorified typewriter.  Instead of a $50
Open Office wall-wart that hooks into a monitor I already have, I
should buy the Microsoft Office monstrosity for $250 and install the
bugger from CD-ROM onto my personal $360 mainframe.

Do you really think $359 does a handy job competing with a $50 wart?
You aren't stuck on the $700 bit are you?

> > A 700 dollar computer that does everything
> > works out well for MS.  A $50 word processor appliance is out of the
> > question for the Windows OS, let alone the MS-Office stuff.  Linux and
> > Open Office on an ARM processor wall-wart would give MS shrieking
> > fits.
> Let us know when one is available.
> > Desktop computers in the home and office is a fad.
> LMFAO!!!   You Linux "advocates" really, really need to shut up about
> anything except the innumerable arcane Linux commands that make people
> detest Linux.

Are you going to send an abuse report to my ISP if I don't?

> > Only a small
> > fraction (like me) really want to, you know, _compute_ with the
> > thing ... write programs.
> Spare us your ego-tripping blowhard claims.

"ego-tripping" ??? "blowhard" ??? You lost me there.  I am a
programmer, you know, someone that likes those command line things you
sneered at above.  Are you saying Joe Plumber has secret ambitions to
program?  Is Microsoft holding him back by not providing a useful
command line interface?

> > The embedded market with application
> > specific devices is creeping into the desktop and Microsoft doesn't
> > have much to offer there.
> Such as?

You don't see it.  Good.  Here is a short list:  TIVO, routers, Tom
Tom, raid/NAS devices.

The future is coming, be sure to duck as it goes by.

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