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[News] Detailed Reviews of Slax and Mandriva 2009

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Slax - Tiny, beautiful, functional

,----[ Quote ]
| After running this distribution for a while, I immediately thought it would 
| be a great fit on my very old PIII 1.1 GHz with just 256 MB of RAM. Currently 
| this machine is chugging along with Win XP and Ubuntu with Ubuntu replacing 
| Mandriva since the drive containing Mandriva failed. It is a stop gap distro 
| and I was searching for something light to replace Ubuntu. From the time I 
| discovered Slax, I have been researching how to install it on a computer. 
| Since it is a Live CD distro there doesn’t seem to be a direct way to install 
| it. All in all Slax is beautiful, minimal and functional.       
| I am still trying to empty my flash drive to run Slax on it and to see if my 
| other files can happily co-exist. If I manage to do that, I will do another 
| post.  


Mandriva 2009 - Quite all right, but could be better 

,----[ Quote ]
| Mandriva 2009 is a good distro. Quite good. The live session was great, the 
| post-install is very good, except for slow repositories. The installation 
| process was long and tedious, however, it is only done once.   



Mandriva 2009.1 Beta Boots Faster

,----[ Quote ]
| Delayed two days, Mandriva announced last night (February 12th) the beta
| version of the upcoming Mandriva Linux 2009.1 (Spring) distribution. This
| beta release brings a Live CD, for anyone who wants to test it without
| installing it, and some of the hottest Linux technologies, such as: Linux
| kernel 2.6.28, X.org Server, KDE 4.2, GNOME 2.26 Beta, XFCE 4.6
| Beta 3, OpenOffice.Org 3.0.1, LXDE, Python 2.6.1 and above all that, support
| for the EXT4 filesystem, in the installer.


Mandriva Linux 2009 Spring makes its debut

,----[ Quote ]
| Kickstarting what promises to be a busy couple of months for Linux releases,
| the Mandriva team has announced the beta release of its Mandriva Linux 2009
| Spring edition. Codenamed Margaux, the beta version takes the first steps
| towards speedier boot times with part one of its Speedboot project which
| users can enable t to test out its progress.


Mandriva Linux: What Windows should be.

,----[ Quote ]
| For the last 15 or more years I have been waiting for Linux to be as user
| friendly as Windows. As more and more impressive software came out for
| windows, this grew stronger and stronger. Now, I am finally satisfied. I
| installed and instantly saw that my life was about to get easier. I spend
| about 16 hours a day coding and Googling. So, my operating system must be top
| notch. I also do not like to sit and type commands all day either. But with
| Mandriva 2009, I do not have to!
| It happens everytime my girlfriend goes to MySpace. She gets infected with
| malware, despite running Spybot SD and AVG. Great job, now I am going to have
| to clean her PC out again right? Wrong, I formatted the drive and installed
| Mandriva. She is now browsing safely and is having no problem using Linux. It
| is as easy as Windows now, but without the bullshit. Now, I do not complain
| that she is going to MySpace!

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