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[News] S3 Graphics Finally Serves Linux

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S3 Graphics Releases Linux Driver With OpenGL 3.0, VA-API

,----[ Quote ]
| For months we have seen S3 Graphics advertise a magical Linux driver in their 
| press releases that promised to offer OpenGL 3.0 support and advanced video 
| functionality. They had reported to us the driver would be released in 
| December, but that deadline had passed and they continued to announce Linux 
| support when launching the Chrome 540 GTX, but still there was nothing. 
| However, S3 Graphics has now actually delivered such a driver! They have 
| delivered a Chrome 500 series Linux driver that not only provides OpenGL 3.0 
| support but also H.264, VC-1, and MPEG-2 hardware decoding on the GPU. While 
| it may appear to be good, this driver is still far from perfect.        


Intel, NVIDIA Kernel Mode-Setting In Fedora 11

,----[ Quote ]
| The Nouveau kernel mode-setting support is still very experimental as their 
| API isn't even finalized and it will not enter the mainline Linux kernel in 
| time for Fedora 11. Red Hat though will patch the Linux 2.6.29 kernel to 
| introduce this Nouveau KMS support for those who wish to use it instead of 
| the DDX mode-setting within the X Server.     



S3 Graphics Responds About Linux Support

,----[ Quote ]
| Last week S3 Graphics had released the Chrome 540 GTX, which is their newest
| and fastest PCI Express graphics card. Similar to when announcing the S3
| Chrome 540 GT, in the Chrome 540 GTX press release they once again mention
| Linux support along with OpenGL 3.0 capabilities. However, they talk up Linux
| support, but fail to provide the support. We have just heard back though from
| S3 Graphics' Benson Tao, which is the one that previously told us there would
| be Chrome 500 Linux support in December along with a beta OpenGL 3.0 driver.
| What though did he have to say this time? His email is below.

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