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[News] [Rival] Head of Microsoft Philippines Jumps Ship

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Microsoft Philippines head quits 

,----[ Quote ]
| INQUIRER.net tried to contact Rollan but was unavailable for further comment.


He can finally leave the people to move to GNU/Linux peacefully after
Microsoft's OOXML corruptions in this country.


Open source viewed as aid to Philippines e-health goals

,----[ Quote ]
| Emphasizing on how electronic health records (EHRs) can give healthcare in
| the Philippines its much-needed shot in the arm, several speakers of the
| first Philippine eHealth and Telemedicine conference and exhibition
| highlighted the efficacy of Free Open Source Solutions (FoSS) in bolstering
| the delivery and organization of this critical digital medical information.


UP taps open source voting system

,----[ Quote ]
| THE University of the Philippines in Diliman held its first campus-wide
| computerized elections for the student council last month, with more than
| 10,000 students casting their votes and the results coming only minutes after
| the precincts were declared closed.


New version for RP-made Linux for gov’t ready

,----[ Quote ]
| The fifth version of “Bayanihan” Linux for Government is ready, the Advanced
| Science and Technology Institute of the Department of Science and Technology
| (ASTI-DOST) said.
| The new version has been updated with a new K Desktop environment, OpenOffice
| desktop application suite, the latest Mozilla Firefox web browser, an optical
| drive burning application, XVidCap screen capturing tool and the MPlayer
| music and video player, the agency said.
| Bayanihan Linux 5 for Government has also been enhanced with security
| features like ClamAv antivirus and GuardDog firewall.


Open source desktop adoption flickers in the Philippines

,----[ Quote ]
| The number of open source desktop users in the Philippines--estimated at 5 to
| 10 percent of PC owners--is growing, but the adoption rate is somehow stunted
| by the lack of government sanction advocating its use.
| [...]
| It has also been reported that the Philippines has become the largest
| destination of CD installers for Ubuntu, probably the most prominent Linux
| distribution for desktops. Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Ubuntu creator
| Canonical, even visited the country to brief local folks on the desktop OS.


Use open system in 2010—ex-poll chief

,----[ Quote ]
| Lagman said the Computer Science Department of the University of the
| Philippines Diliman had been tapped to develop the open source software for
| the proposed OES.


The Ilumina: Philippine Tech Trades Outsourcing for Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| In terms of ease, we’re built on open source so it’s just really a matter of
| our software team liaising with all these developers and releasing the
| development parameters. We envision a web-based platform wherein they can
| communicate, collaborate, share, and even sell the applications they’ve
| developed. We also believe in making it exciting for the software developers
| through a revenue-sharing business model. Their efforts for the Ilumina
| should be aptly rewarded.


Red Hat strengthens position in local market

,----[ Quote ]
| IT products and solutions distributor MSI-ECS Phils. Inc. will be the
| distributor of Red Hat products in the country, as it recently signed a
| partnership deal with the open-source solutions provider firm.
| With at least 500 resellers locally, MSI-ECS will be Red Hat’s local channel
| to help the latter “to deepen its position in the Philippine market,” said
| Teong Eng Guan, general manager of Red Hat for Asean.


RP still needs to enable open source community

,----[ Quote ]
| Following its renewed partnership with Red Hat, Go said MSI-ECS is expecting
| to push Red Hat Enterprise Linux in the country.
| MSI-ECS has more than 500 resellers in the Philippines and is currently
| distributing major brands like IBM, HP. The local company is part of the ECS
| Holdings, a regional information communication technology leader in
| Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.
| Meanwhile, Red Hat said it is also working with Ayala Systems Technology
| Inc., and Ubaldo Reidenbach Solutions Inc., companies that are labeled as
| advance business partners of Red Hat.


Philippines hosts open source conference

,----[ Quote ]
| The Philippines is scheduled to host a regional open source conference next
| month, which will gather representatives from 21 countries to sign an
| agreement.
| The said agreement will push for co-operation among these countries in the
| area of open source and is expected to benefit emerging markets like the
| Philippines.


Open source should be supported, promoted--CICT chairman

,----[ Quote ]
| Open source software should be promoted as an alternative to more expensive
| proprietary software, the chairman of the Commission on Information and
| Communications Technology (CICT) said during an open source summit.


Cebu to host open source conference in 2008

,----[ Quote ]
| Cebu is scheduled to hold an international open source conference next year,
| following a visit from an open source advocate, the Cebu-based executive
| director of an information and communications technology group has said.



UP Manila pushing open source initiatives for SE Asia

,----[ Quote ]
| Marcelo said that next month, the IOSN will release five free and open source
| software (FOSS) primers focused on five topics: health, small and medium
| enterprises, FOSS interoperability, security and interoperability of disaster
| management of information system.


Venture capitalist puts up tech bar for open source

,----[ Quote ]
| TO show the province’s potential as an open source software market, a
| Filipino venture capitalist has set foot in Cebu to advocate open source
| software development.


Pinoy ‘serial technopreneur’ bares new SaaS venture

,----[ Quote ]
| Widely known and respected in the open source community abroad but not much
| here in the Philippines, Damarillo has created a number of open source
| software development companies including Gluecode which he sold to tech giant
| IBM in 2005 at a still undisclosed amount, and LogicBlaze which was acquired
| by Iona Technologies in 2007.
| Apart from Morph Labs, he currently sits as chair of DevZuz (formerly known
| as Simula Labs), an open source "marketplace company," and Exist Global, a
| software engineering services company being headed by American Steve Nathan.


Too late to discredit open source, advocates say

,----[ Quote ]
| "It's too late," exclaimed Winston Damarillo, founder and
| chairman of software development firm Exist Global, in an
| interview with Computerworld Philippines. "Open source
| is all over the place."
| [...]
| Anson Uy, president of Touch Solutions (a Red Hat Linux company),
| earlier on broke the news to Computerworld Philippines about the
| alleged "funded missions" by some software firms to discredit open
| source, although he did not identify any company.
| Anson revealed among the top three actions against FOSS are being
| done through "sponsored studies, piracy of open source developers,
| and bold press releases."


Open source software eyed for use in more health centers

,----[ Quote ]
| More local government units want to install homegrown, open source software
| for health centers developed by the University of the Philippines Manila, its
| project manager told INQUIRER.net Tuesday


Review: Bayanihan Linux 4

,----[ Quote ]
| Bayanihan Linux 4 is a pretty good, simple, distribution. It is
| easy to install and manage and it gets you going quickly right out of
| the box. That being said it doesn?t have all the latest gizmos and eye
| candy of the current wave of Linux distributions. It also doesn't have
| a huge package repository, but you can probably add some more.
| It?s not bad for a government sponsored distribution and if it gets
| more people to switch to Linux, that?s a good thing. Power users will
| want more than Bayanihan provides, but the average computer user will
| find all they need in Bayanihan.


DMMSU Migrates to Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| The training was participated in by about 25 faculty and personnel from
| the institution. It was an orientation and preparation for their aim
| of acquiring sufficient knowledge and skills in Open Source
| Technology to completely migrate from Windows to Linux.

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