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[News] [Rival] Microsoft's Renamed 'Search' is FAIL Upon Launch

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Screenshots: Microsoft Bing would be awesome if I could use it

,----[ Quote ]
| Did you hit bing.com today? If you got a blank page from Microsoft’s new 
| search tool, it’s not because Bill Gates is blocking your 
| non-Internet-Explorer browser. Microsoft has confirmed to VentureBeat that 
| it’s working on fixing technical glitches that sometimes deliver a blank 
| page. Sometimes you get a Coming Soon page.    


Blodget Blasts Ballmer: 'Face Reality'

,----[ Quote ]
| "It's time for Microsoft to face reality about search and the Internet," 
| blogs Henry Blodget, CEO and editor in chief of The Business Insider, in a 
| scathing critique of Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ:MSFT) Friday morning.  


Google has already stolen their thunder with Wave. Now Microsoft can spend
$100,000,000 on a dead-on-arrival brand.


Microsoft’s Bing Logo Leaked By Way Of Favicon?

,----[ Quote ]
| This favicon, which again, may only be a part of the logo, also looks a lot
| like the logo for Blinkx, the video search engine. That features a red
| lowercase “b” with an eye in the middle. See them side-by-side below.


Microsoft to launch last ditch search effort

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft can attempt to be a sumo with Kumo, have a fling with Bing, but in
| search Google will remain king. Ouch - sorry about that, it's late at night
| here.


Microsoft ending 'Search & Give' on June 1 but promising revival

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft is temporarily ending its Search And Give program, a site that
| sought to boost usage of its Live Search engine by donating a penny per
| search to an organization of the user's choice.


More Microsoft Live Search Bribery

,----[ Quote ]
| Just using Microsoft online services isn't enough to get your ticket punched,
| though. You must run Internet Explorer (6.0 or higher) when you use those
| services. Even visiting getsearchperks.com with Firefox or Opera is a futile
| exercise; you will have to start IE to see what goodies the site has to
| offer. Oh, and if you sign up you'll have to install the Perk Counter toolbar
| to let Microsoft keep track of your tickets.


Microsoft Adds Incentives to Small-business Program

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft has given small and mid-sized business customers more ways to earn
| cash to buy its software through partners by adding new products and product
| groups to its Big Easy program.


A Microsoft Midlife Crisis?

,----[ Quote ]
| Is Microsoft undergoing a midlife crisis? The software titan's recent mergers
| and acquisitions track record suggests as much. In an attempt to keep up with
| Google and other Web 2.0 stars, Microsoft looks as if it is getting pushed
| around at the bargaining table. The latest act of profligacy came yesterday
| when it paid a whopping premium to acquire Fast Search & Transfer for $1.2
| billion.

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