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[News] Value Comes from Freedom, Abundance

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The Role Of Abundance In Innovation

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| This also should (again) get people to rethink some issues surrounding 
| patents. If it's that abundance and experimenting that leads to all that 
| innovation, aren't we holding back that innovation by enforcing artificial 
| scarcity, and allowing one company to entirely block others from doing the 
| necessary experiments? In Chris Anderson's latest book, he builds on Carver 
| Mead's idea about transistors becoming so abundant that it makes sense 
| to "waste" them. This makes a tremendous amount of sense if you start to 
| follow through the economic implications of "wasting" goods that are 
| effectively infinite.        


Newspaper Journalists Claiming TV Reporters Are 'Plagiarizing' The News

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| The person complaining the most is Seattle's Tri-City Herald editor Ken 
| Robertson. He's careful not to use words such as "stolen" and only goes as 
| far as to say his stories were "lifted." Which makes sense because even he 
| knows he has absolutely no copyright claim on the news itself. But if he 
| knows that, exactly what is he complaining about? That he didn't get his pat 
| on the back when an important news story got wider coverage?!     



Cycles and Simplicities

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| Where does Linux fit into all this? Simple: as abundant building material —
| just like the rest of the FOSS portfolio, nearly all of which is built to
| serve functional purposes, more than commercial ones. Thanks to the Because
| Effect (you make more money because of it than with it), FOSS building
| materials — commodities all, but so free there isn't a commodities market for
| them — prove very handy for building an endless variety of stuff.

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