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[News] People Go Online for Legally-shared Literature

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New Goal Set for Project Gutenberg: One Billion Readers

,----[ Quote ]
| The first goal of Project Gutenberg was simply to reach totals of estimated 
| audiences of 1.5% of the world population, or the total of 100 million 
| people.  


On-demand book publishing booms in 2008

,----[ Quote ]
| The U.S. publishing industry passed a key marker last year, with the 
| publication of more "on-demand" or short-run titles than traditional books, a 
| U.S. company that keeps publishing statistics says.  
| While the swing may be temporary, caused as major publishers retrenched, it 
| could be "a watershed year in the book publishing industry, fuelled by the 
| changing dynamics of the marketplace and the proliferation of sophisticated 
| publishing technologies," said Kelly Gallagher, vice-president of publisher 
| services for Bowker, which provides bibliographic data and services.     


Music Labels Cut Friendlier Deals With Start-Ups 

,----[ Quote ]
| With CD sales dropping fast, it is not hard to imagine how the major music 
| labels could benefit from the growth of Web start-ups like Imeem. The 
| company’s service lets people listen to songs, discover new artists and share 
| their favorites with friends. And in return, Imeem owes the labels licensing 
| fees for use of the music.    


They wake up too late.


Massive Layoffs Hit The RIAA: Maybe Focus On Building Business Rather Than
Suing Customers Next Time?

,----[ Quote ]
| Details have been spilling out over the last few days that the RIAA has been
| making pretty massive cuts to staff. We already knew that EMI was cutting
| back on its support of the RIAA/IFPI, and it seems that with the rest of the
| RIAA's major label supporters also having economic troubles, the writing is
| on the wall that the RIAA is about to go through a major transformation.

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