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[News] Business Advice for Selecting GNU/Linux and Free Software

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How To Choose The Best Linux For Your Business 

,----[ Quote ]
| Companies such as Red Hat, Novell, Xandros, and Mandriva charge subscription 
| fees that include software updates, documentation, and technical support. 
| These fees vary quite a bit, based upon the type and number of Linux systems: 
| For a one-year subscription for a Red Hat server OS, for example, you'll pay 
| from around $350 to more than $2,500, depending on the product and level of 
| technical support provided.     
| Linux users looking for a free ride can still find it: All of these 
| companies' Linux distros also are available as free, community-supported 
| versions. In fact, the code contributed to distros like Fedora (the free 
| version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux) or OpenSUSE (the free version of 
| Novell's SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop) often makes its way into new versions 
| of these companies' commercial Linux releases.     


The Free Software Alternative

,----[ Quote ]
| Is your software budget pipeline filled with rust? Do your customers, vendors 
| and friends have to save their files in a different file format so you can 
| open them? If your software cabinet looks like it would be a better fit in a 
| software museum, there is hope — hope in free software. There are free 
| software alternatives to most of the commercial ones that you use, and 
| they're compatible with their commercial counterparts.     
| These free alternatives cover the gamut of desktop and server software from 
| word processing to graphics to high-end web application services. There's no 
| need to dip into your life's savings to equip your business with high-quality 
| software.   



Move Your Business from Windows to Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| If the cost of Windows is getting your small business down, consider shifting
| to Linux.
| [...]
| Though you can purchase boxed commercial versions of Linux that include
| support, every Linux distribution is also available for free under the terms
| of the open-source Gnu General Public License, or GPL. Once you figure out
| which distribution you'd like to use (see below), you can simply download,
| burn, and install it on as many systems as you choose.

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