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[News] All Microsoft Has Left is Software Patents, Racketeering

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Microsoft Changes Tune on Intellectual Property

,----[ Quote ]
| Burning the Ships provides insight into Microsoft's recent IP moves from an 
| insider's perspective, but the company's newfound desire to share doesn't 
| seem like all good news for the tech industry. The question isn't whether 
| there should be IP rights, but whether current law strikes the right balance. 
| I have concerns that it doesn't.     



“Burning The Ships”: IP And The New, Open Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| IPW: Does the recent case involving TomTom navigational devices and
| open-source software - in which Microsoft sued over patent infringement and
| TomTom sued back - represent the kind of business environment Microsoft
| promotes? Why or why not?
| PHELPS: What happened here and has happened on a very few cases, is that MS
| had great difficulty getting attention from TomTom and was forced into
| action.


TomTom Settlement Aftermath: Get the FAT Out - Updated

,----[ Quote ]
| Ah, yes. Mono. Once again. And OOXML. Might governmental agencies wish to
| particularly take note of OOXML in light of the TomTom settlement? I would
| think so. And .NET and Silverlight. Perhaps you can think of others.
| [...]
|  Wake up. Microsoft should be treated like Microsoft.
| It is what it is. It is what it always has been.
| Microsoft asked recently to be judged by its actions, not its words. OK. The
| TomTom settlement *is* Microsoft actions. We watched it, and we judge them by
| it.

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