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[News] Realeyes IDS 0.9.5 is Out

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Realeyes IDS 0.9.5 Released

,----[ Quote ]
| There is a new download available for the Realeyes IDS version 0.9.5. Read 
| the release notes for details, but essentially, this release is about new 
| user interface features. The screenshots have been updated and there are two 
| new demos, one on installation and configuration, and the other on the new 
| features. There are links to all of this on the technology page    


Are Open Source Developers Throwing Good Code After Bad?

,----[ Quote ]
| Most people I have talked to have responded this way: It's their project, let 
| them do what they want with it, something good is likely to come of it, and 
| hey -- there's a lot of programming fish in the sea, it's not like we're 
| losing them. And my response has been: No, it's "throwing good code after 
| bad", to put a turn on another common phrase. It diverts the attention of 
| very talented people into something they tell themselves is worthwhile, but 
| is borne out of a premise that doesn't really lift all the boats with its 
| tide.       



Firefox 3 powers to a smashing download record

,----[ Quote ]
| Mozilla has succeeded beyond its wildest dreams, receiving more than its
| hoped for 5 million downloads of Firefox 3 in less than 14 hours. So for the
| first day of the new browser's life, it's onward to 7 million!

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