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[News] Linux and Windows Mixed Together

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Linux Kernel, Meet Windows Kernel. Behave.

,----[ Quote ]
| The best thing to do with the Linux kernel right now is to make sure it has a 
| stable programming interface that makes writing binary applications for Linux 
| itself as appealing as possible. That's up to the kernel team, of course, but 
| the more they can be encouraged to include things that benefit Linux 
| directly -- instead of Windows indirectly -- the better of Linux will be as a 
| whole.     



Exciting changes in the 2.6.30 Linux kernel

,----[ Quote ]
| Every Linux kernel release has interesting changes but 2.6.30 really stands
| out to me as having a lot of features I would like to take advantage. In
| 2.6.29 the only really great feature to me was the inclusion of barrier
| support for simple DM devices. It’s only 1 change but an important one in my
| opinion as it will allow an increase in either performance or reliability for
| LVM and dm-crypt devices. But 2.6.30 has a lot of changes that I am likely to
| take advantage of such as:
|     *  The addition of nilfs - I’ve tested nilfs and I am happy to see it
|     adopted. I’ve run into problems using it but would like to see it become
|     stable. It seems likely to beat btrfs as the first stable Linux disk
|     filesystem with snapshots.
| [...]

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