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[News] X Gets Great New Features, New NVIDIA Driver

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X Input 2.0 Hitting Master In Seven Days

,----[ Quote ]
| X Input 2.0 is officially set to arrive in the X Server in just seven days. 
| This input extension update for X.Org has been a longtime in the making and 
| is needed for Multi-Pointer X and also improves other areas to enhance the 
| input subsystem. X Input 2 was supposed to hit X Server 1.6 but then that got 
| pushed back and now the X.Org 7.5 / X Server 1.7 schedule has been pushed 
| back yet again to allow Xi2 to finally merge.      


NVIDIA Releases 185.18.14 Display Driver

,----[ Quote ]
| NVIDIA hasn't released as many Linux driver updates in May as they have in 
| past months, but this week they are out with the NVIDIA 185.18.14 driver 
| update. This proprietary driver for x86 and x86_64 Linux features a variety 
| of bug-fixes, VDPAU enhancements, and better support for newer Linux kernels. 
| Interestingly, NVIDIA hasn't updated their proprietary FreeBSD or Solaris 
| drivers to this latest version, nor have they even been updated in a while.      



Ubuntu Picks Up X Input 2 Support In PPA

,----[ Quote ]
| With the release of X Server 1.7 as part of X.Org 7.5 hopefully coming in
| July, X Input 2 will finally be entering the limelight after being long in
| development. This updated X Input Extension is critical in allowing
| Multi-Pointer X support in this next X Server release.


X Input 2.0 Protocol Draft Specification

,----[ Quote ]
| Peter Hutterer, the mastermind behind Multi-Pointer X, has released the draft
| specification for the X Input 2.0 protocol.

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