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Re: [News] Possible Record for Java Programming, New GNU Utilities from CodeSourcery

Peter Köhlmann wrote:

> wispygalaxy wrote:
>> I've been interested in learning Java recently.  I skimmed some books
>> and decided that Java looked alright.
> It isn't bad. It is even a very good general-purpose language.
> Especially on linux, where you can count on it being present in a current
> version, it is fine.

That's convenient.  Linux distros come with a lot of useful things.  And the
distros are still not bloated.

> The problem is that on windows you can be relatively sure that no usable
> java-runtime is present, and you need a big download to install it.

I'm not surprised.  When I used Windows, I always had to download extra apps
to do certain things, like unRARing a file.  

>> It's used a lot in finance, which I'm
>> majoring in.  And my school teaches it extensively in CS classes.
>> Have you tried out Java?  Was it too slow for your taste?
> It is not slow. Modern Java will compile the code while running it, so the
> next time a function is accessed it will run fast. It will be slow only
> the first time something executes.
> Benchmarks have shown Java to be about as fast as C-apps or CPP apps, when
> they have been compiled on the spot.
> There are Audio- and Video-editors written completely in Java, and they
> are everything but slow

OK, that's a relief to know.  :)  I'm convinced that Java is a solid
language, and I will go on to learn it.  I knew that Java wasn't *very*
slow compared to other languages.  I wanted to hear both sides speak about
Java, and I now know that Java is something I should learn.

>> What kind of programming you do?
> Java is useable in lots of things.

That is proof that it's useful.  :)

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