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[News] DRM Backfires Again and Again (Not Just in Music)

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Reminder from the MPAA: DRM trumps your fair use rights

,----[ Quote ]
| As part of this week's RealDVD court hearings, Real continued to argue that 
| the movie studios are trying to prevent fair use. At the same time, the MPAA 
| pushed back by saying that fair use can't be used to defend against the 
| DMCA's anticircumvention provisions, since the two are not even related. In 
| fact, this is a gray area of the law that has yet to be fully tested in 
| court. Both sides hope that this case will help sort things out.     


Ars Technica Reports: How Strong Copy Protection on Videogames Promotes Piracy

,----[ Quote ]
| With high-speed internet connections and BitTorrent now common, it's easier 
| than ever to download the most popular PC games ... illegally. Publishers are 
| fighting back against the pirates with increasingly strict copy protection. 
| Caught in the crossfire are legitimate paying customers: the PC gamers. They 
| are people who, generally speaking, are technically sophisticated enough to 
| download illegally, but who choose to buy instead. And they have started to 
| revolt.       



Kindle 2 vs Reading Disabled Students

,----[ Quote ]
| The Author’s Guild seeks not only to prevent further cultural participation
| by reading-disabled people, but also to deny them the benefits of scientific
| advancement by blocking an existing technology from performing its intended
| role—and doing all this while demanding remuneration for a capability they
| themselves have done nothing to promote. If this is how the Author’s Guild
| wishes to treat those with reading disabilities—as freeloaders attempting to
| abuse the “added value” of TTS—then I fear for the future of equal access.


DRM Hell

,----[ Quote ]
| Now, for those that have not kept up, Microsoft charges for their software
| and not a small amount either. If you want to charge me to use your software,
| and I find a value in using your software, I have no problem paying you. What
| Microsoft and others does to control their licenses is this – they create a
| unique signature based on the activation key and ten or so hardware component
| IDs. Change a percentage of the hardware and you invalidate the key.
| Invalidate the key and…


Anti-DMCA crusaders fight for the right to crack DRM

,----[ Quote ]
| Every three years, the Copyright Office lets the public ask for exemptions to
| the DMCA's tough anti-circumvention requirements. Ars talks to three people
| who will be fighting for your rights to crack DRM, starting tomorrow.


DRM should be disclosed on game-boxes

,----[ Quote ]
| Ars Technica has a report from the FTC's hearings on DRM, where Hal Halpin
| from the Entertainment Consumers Association proposed that game manufacturers
| should be required to disclose what kind of DRM they're using prior to
| purchase ("WARNING: World of Warcraft contains spyware called Warden to stop
| you from cheating -- it checks files and registry settings here and here,
| hides itself from the process manager, etc") and to stick to a set of
| standard EULA terms that everyday people can understand.


Electronic Arts releases DRM-removal tool

,----[ Quote ]
| Electronic Arts has released a de-activation tool for removing the SecuRom
| digital rights management that the company earlier deployed on several of its
| games. SecuROM is known as the most Draconian DRM tool for games, apt to
| screw u your computer and harm your ability to play the games you bought.


EA 'dumps DRM' for next Sims game

,----[ Quote ]
| Electronic Arts have confirmed that the next version of The Sims will be free
| of Digital Rights Management (DRM).


Gears of War PC digital certificate expires, kills the game

,----[ Quote ]
| Users on the Gears of War official forums are reporting that the digital
| certificates for the game have expired, as of 28th January 2009. This means
| that the game will not launch at a system date post-28th Jan. Obviously, this
| is awful news for those people who enjoy playing the game on the PC, since
| unless they keep their system date before the 28th, they cannot play the
| game.


New Class-Action Suits Target EA, SecuROM, The Sims & Spore Creature Creator

,----[ Quote ]
| GamePolitics has learned that a pair of new class-action lawsuits were lodged
| against Electronic Arts in October. Both suits were filed with the U.S.
| District Court for the Northern District of California and both target EA's
| use of the controversial SecuROM digital rights management (DRM) software on
| the company's PC games.


EA Sued Repeatedly Over DRM


EA in Spore DRM climbdown

,----[ Quote ]
| Critics claim DRM limiting those who bought the hotly anticipated sim to only
| three installs amounts to no more than renting the software out, rather than
| selling it. DRM also prevented players from creating more than one user
| account per copy of Spore — even though the game's literature specifically
| states otherwise.
| As what is now a matter of routine with modern PC games, pirates managed to
| crack the game's DRM restrictions within a day of the game's release and
| hosted this de-restricted content on certain nefarious file-sharing websites.


Did 'Spore' copy protections backfire on EA?

,----[ Quote ]
| Enraged by what they call "draconian" copyright protections, thousands of
| people flooded Amazon.com to give the game a one-star rating. And now there
| seems to be another movement afoot, one that is far more likely to hit EA
| where it counts.
| What's the fuss about? Electronic Arts imposed copyright protections that
| limited the number of times a user can install the game to three. EA has
| likened the system to the limits imposed on songs bought through Apple's
| iTunes store (though in the case of iTunes, users can easily manage their
| libraries by specifying which computers are authorized to play their
| purchased content).


DRM Helps Spore Make History as The Most Pirated Game Ever

,----[ Quote ]
| Spore, a Sim-like game about the evolution of creatures, was recently
| released as one of the most anticipated games of the year. Our initial
| impressions were high with the release of SporeCreator. However, Spore itself
| failed to meet our expectations. In the end, we found the game to be too
| simple for our tastes.



Vista DRM to slow down high-end graphics? [update 1]

,----[ Quote ]
| We've posted before on how the Vista brand will change the PC gaming
| market. But how will the OS affect the gameplay experience itself?
| An in-depth analysis of the operating system's draconian digital
| rights management features suggests gamers might not be too happy
| with some of the system's unintended performance effects.

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