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Re: [News] Possible Record for Java Programming, New GNU Utilities from CodeSourcery

After takin' a swig o' grog, Peter Köhlmann belched out
  this bit o' wisdom:

> Hadron wrote:
>>>> Massive, bloated, clumsy. I can live without it.
>>> Do you like C++?  I always see Java vs. C++ discussions.
>> I agree with Shearman here.
> Only that he did not "agree" at all with your "conclusions"
>> Java is a sloppy, slow mess.
> I see that Java is just another programming language you know absolutely 
> nothing about, "kernel hacker" Hadron Snot Quark
>> It got popular because they "cross platformed it" (or claimed it) early
>> enough to sucker people in. 
> Oh, it isn't crossplatform? News to Java developers. They deploy Java apps 
> on lots of platforms.
> If you take MS attempts at being incompatible into account, you might have 
> a point. Luckily nobody is using that garbage they tried to hook people on 
> as "java the MS way"
>> The great majority of "cross platform" Java
>> apps are still a mess with differnt ideas of what GUI to use and,
> Certainly. After all, they just default to the GUI system they are running 
> on, with the added possibility to switch to others (like Motif, for 
> example).
>> generally, the programmer have ZERO idea about efficiency.
> Do you actually try to be correct once in a while or are you making it a 
> habit to be wrong?

Hadron's track record is horrible.  There's no way he's any kind of manager
of a software project, unless he got slotted in via the Peter Principle.

You need more time; and you probably always will.

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