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Re: What is an Internet Troll?

Goblin wrote:
> Hadron wrote:
>> Goblin writes:
>>> Ezekiel wrote:
>>>> Goblin wrote...
>>>>> Terry Porter wrote: Hi Terry!
>>>>> What a great piece of text!  For me the troll
>>>>> strengthens my resolve,
>>>> Signed - "Goblin" an internet troll who never existed
>>>> until a couple of days ago then magically appears as a
>>>> COLA "advocate" and is somehow familiar with everyone's
>>>> posting history and the history of this newsgroup.
>>>> "Goblin" - the nymshifting idiot who is the very
>>>> definition of an internet troll.
>>> Liar, Ive been posting on MS Watch and many other forums
>>> for a long while.  Even my blog began in September 08..I
>>> haven't just appeared.
>>> Why do you tell lies which ANYONE can so easily check up
>>> on?
>> Credit where credit is due : you read the standards and did
>> your signature properly! Thank you and well done.
> Why did you think I omitted the "--" from the end?  If you
> care to check one of my original posts you will see me say
> that I was intentionally baiting you.  Thunderbird (since you
> wouldn't know) automatically includes the "--" at the
> beginning of your signature file.  It was me intentionally
> deleting it.
> The reason for this is an article (which I'm nearly finished
> and to be fair did tell you about before) so I hope you will
> make one last comment for me to include.
> My signature is back to normal in the hope you will respond
> one last time.
> Goblin bytes4free@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Website: http://www.openbytes.wordpress.com
> or follow me on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/_goblin

Don't expect anything useful from these two trolls.  For Hadron,
take a look at:


For Ezekiel, take a look at:



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