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[News] Canonical Makes Money from GNU/Linux Contracts

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Canonical support

,----[ Quote ]
| I am globally very satisfied with the level of support I am getting - I know 
| I have a bunch of very capable people who would help me whenever I got a 
| question, or who would spend time fixing a bug for me - which is something I 
| may sometimes not be able to do myself. By paying these people to do that I 
| also have the feeling that we contribute (in our own microscropic way) to 
| making Ubuntu a better product, for us, and for all other Ubuntu users.     



Patent Differences: Canonical vs. Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| I make no apologies for returning to the subject of the European Patent
| Office's referral of a “point of law” concerning software patents.
| Dull as many might find the intricate theoretical arguments, the outcome will
| have very real consequences. If software patents become easier to obtain, it
| will have a hugely negative effect on free software, which will find itself
| subject to more attacks on the legal front.
| Recently I commented on the submissions of Red Hat and the FSFE. The full
| list of “amicus curiae briefs” can be found here; I'd like to pick out those
| from two high-profile names for their contrasting positions: Canonical (the
| company behind Ubuntu) and Microsoft.
| Canonical's offering is very similar in tone to that of Red Hat: it's very
| matter of fact, written in a highly-accessible language that makes its points
| simply but effectively.

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