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[News] Improved GNU Applications, GNOME and KOffice

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Ubuntu Polishes GNU Screen

,----[ Quote ]
| GNU Screen is a terminal multiplexer program that Linux folk have used for 
| ages. It allows you to turn one terminal into many, and run processes even 
| after logging out. In this article we will give a brief overview of screen 
| usage for the uninitiated, then talk about how Ubuntu’s defaults and new 
| screen-profiles package have taught us about new and wonderful features of 
| screen.     


Download Themes for Your Gnome Desktop with Gnome Art

,----[ Quote ]
| Gnome Art is an art website which allows you to download and install various 
| items such as icons, backgrounds, desktop themes, login window theme and gtk  
| engine. This website comes with a very interesting application which is in 
| the Ubuntu repositories. If you want to install it, run this in a terminal...


A new feature for Krita

,----[ Quote ]
| Yesterday, I took a day off from serious things like redesigning the library 
| structure of KOffice, working on the Krita part of the redesigned KOffice 
| website, trying to optimize the hell out of freehand painting and several 
| other things, like being too sick to actually think straight for two 
| consecutive moments and so not making much progress with any of these things.    
| I took a holiday, in short, a chance to add a nice little feature to Krita: 
| image backgrounds.  



8 Great Linux Apps Worth Bragging About, part 1

,----[ Quote ]
| There is such a wealth of great Free and Open Source software applications
| it's almost an embarrassment of riches, and we're going to look at 8 of them
| in this two-part series. Yes, we keep hearing the repetitive klaxon of the
| tireless FUDwagon: "Linux is no good because everyone needs Adobe Flash and
| Reader, Photoshop, and Games". I have news for those silly FUDsters: there is
| a whole galaxy of great software beyond silly old Adobe, Photoshop, and gory
| fragfest games.

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