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Re: [News] New Sub-notebooks to Cost $176 and Run GNU/Linux Only

On 2009-05-22, Chris Ahlstrom <ahlstromc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> After takin' a swig o' grog, Gregory Shearman belched out
>   this bit o' wisdom:
>> On 2009-05-20, wispygalaxy <wispygalaxy@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> Chris Ahlstrom wrote:
>>>> The "Windows" key is a sure sign of the Monopoly, isn't it?
>>> It's like a tattoo that is hard to get rid of.  I have a Windows key on my
>>> laptop.  I could technically scratch it off, but then I'd mess up my
>>> keyboard with scratch marks.  
>> They wear off eventually. I've got rid of both the Windows key and the
>> windows sticker (as well as the intel celeron sticker) off my black IBM
>> Thinkpad.
> The stickers are ridiculous, too.  I saw a laptop with /six/ stickers on it
> the other day!

If they want to plaster something with stickers they should put the
stickers on the box it the laptop comes in. Mine had the microsoft
sticker, the key sticker and the intel celeron sticker... now I know
what my computer contains, as I bought it. The amusing thing is that I
bought the thinkpad without an OS and yet it still had the windows
stickers all over it.

> They look garish, and eventually look worse as they wear out and collect
> dirt.  And removing them without leaving glue or scratches is tricky.

I used to feel them under my palms (I've got big hands) while using the
keyboard. It bugged me enough to get rid of them.


Gentoo Linux - Penguin Power

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