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Re: [News] New Sub-notebooks to Cost $176 and Run GNU/Linux Only

On Fri, 22 May 2009 11:01:30 +0000, above the shrieking, FUDding & whining
of the trolls Gregory Shearman was heard to say:

> On 2009-05-20, wispygalaxy <wispygalaxy@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Chris Ahlstrom wrote:
>>> After takin' a swig o' grog, wispygalaxy belched out
>>>   this bit o' wisdom:
>>>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>>>> iUnika Gyy netbook weighs 1.5 pounds, will cost $176
>>>>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>>>> | Hey, remember the $199 Impulse TNX-9500, the "world's cheapest
>>>>> | laptop?" Yeah, it was just the beginning. Say hello to the iUnika Gyy,
>>>>> | which manages to shave its price down to ?130 ($176) by using a slower
>>>>> | 400MHz MIPS processor and ditching that costly XP license for Linux.
>>>>> `----
>>>> Oooh, look at that thing!  The design is cool (black/white contrast). 
>>>> But I
>>>> don't get why there's a Windows key there.  I hope there's an option to
>>>> put
>>>> Tux on it.  He's a lot cuter than the Windows logo!  ;-)
>>> The "Windows" key is a sure sign of the Monopoly, isn't it?
>> It's like a tattoo that is hard to get rid of.  I have a Windows key on my
>> laptop.  I could technically scratch it off, but then I'd mess up my
>> keyboard with scratch marks.  
> They wear off eventually. I've got rid of both the Windows key and the
> windows sticker (as well as the intel celeron sticker) off my black IBM
> Thinkpad.

So did I. It's now got one of these icons instead. :-)

Surely you are not comparing the 
non-existent Linux (at that time) 
with Windows  98?                                  
Hadron:  Message-ID: <npk5rvzafy.fsf@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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