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Re: Linux on the Desktop - latest survey (may 2009)

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____/ Rex Ballard on Tuesday 19 May 2009 03:38 : \____

> A group called Freedom Dynamics just recently put out an interesting
> survey.
> http://tinyurl.com/exqys
> <quote>
> Desktop Linux adoption is primarily driven by cost reduction
> When asked during a recent online survey of over a thousand IT
> professionals with experience of
> desktop Linux deployment in a business context, over 70% of
> respondents indicated cost reduction as
> the primary driver for adoption. Ease of securing the desktop and a
> general lowering of overheads
> associated with maintenance and support were cited as factors
> contributing to the benefit.
> But deployment is currently limited, and challenges to further
> adoption frequently exist
> The majority of desktop Linux adopters have only rolled out to less
> than 20% of their total PC user
> base at the moment, though the opportunity for more extensive
> deployment is clearly identified. In
> order for Linux to reach its full potential in an organisation,
> however, it is necessary to pay particular
> attention to challenges in the areas of targeting, user acceptance and
> application compatibility.
> </quote>
> Charts show that key drivers were lower cost, better security, and
> reliability/stability.
> Key barriers seem to be a function of Microsoft's successful campaign
> to keep as many people as possible as ignorant of Linux as possible,
> for as long as possible.
> Key barriers to Linux adoption were corporate politics and
> organizational resistance, and individual user resistance to giving up
> Windows.  Application compatibility was an issue, but more than half
> seemed to feel that business requirements could be met using Linux.

"A study commissioned by IBM..."


I'd rather see real research (in the old sense) that's now shilled for.

Companies like Astra Zeneca are now even corrupting academic research.

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