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[News] Ubuntu GNU/Linux Recommended to Windows Users in TomsHardware

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Desktop Linux For The Windows Power User

,----[ Quote ]
| Writing for power users, I assume that you have a good working knowledge of 
| Windows and computers in general, but little or no experience with Linux. 
| Therefore, this article will not tell you to compile anything from source 
| code, and no sentence begins with “bring up the terminal” or any other UNIX 
| techno-babble. Common Linux pitfalls like hard drive partitioning, installing 
| software, and setup of essential plug-ins will be addressed entirely by using 
| the graphical user interface (GUI).      


Dell knows what’s best for Linux users

,----[ Quote ]
| By having a Dell-specific repository for software updates, they’re making 
| themselves a one-stop shop for all things Ubuntu on their hardware. The folks 
| who want to explore the wealth of additional free software available to 
| Ubuntu users can add additional repositories, but the average user just 
| looking for a reliable, supported system should be extremely well served by 
| Dell’s repository, and the work they do to make the packages secure and 
| stable.      



Why Windows Vista isn't ready for geeks

,----[ Quote ]
| The simple fact that an operating system was in development for five
| years and displays this level of inadequacy for a "Retail-ready"
| release speaks volumes for the quality of the product.


When Non-Experts Use Windows

,----[ Quote ]
| Now I feel the need to bring up some user stories. Today I was trying to 
| help my friend fix her computer over the phone. I inevitably ended up 
| driving the 45 minutes to her house.
| [...]
| Windows should be blamed for not bringing stricter accountability
| for third-party software on Windows. There are a lot of
| irresponsible programmers out there. The irony is all of the
| proprietary third party software that has been built around
| the problems caused by third party software in Windows. Yep,
| you have to spend even more money to save money if you're a
| non-expert user of Windows. I say, Windows costs more than
| what I won't spend on it. If you tout lower usability costs
| for Windows, please think twice.


Why power users will hate Vista

,----[ Quote ]
| I've been testing Vista in the last few days and I've been trying to
| wrap my head around it. I'm trying to figure an objective approach to
| it, but it's really hard, because I simply don't like most of the
| things I see. One of the reasons for this is the fact that Windows
| Vista doesn't offer anything new for Windows power users - actually,
| it's only taking away from them.


Why I Won't Be Getting Vista for a Long Time

,----[ Quote ]
| Well, here are the top reasons I am not getting Vista for awhile.
| The list is rather long, but I feel its information everyone
| should know. Don't be tempted by the cool Aero Glass interface,
| because being able to experience it is really not worth all of
| these issues I have listed below. I have tested Windows Vista
| Release Candidate 1 and 2, so I have a good feel for the new
| operating system. Anyways, here are the main things that scare
| me about Vista...


Why Has Microsoft Abandoned the Power User?

,----[ Quote ]
| I don't know about you, but I'm feeling abandoned these
| days, as Windows Vista and Internet Explorer are
| increasingly closed off.
| How about you -- do you see any evidence of this
| disturbing trend?


Microsoft Power Users, Part II

,----[ Quote ]
| There's no Microsoft Power User "WinHEC" out there. Microsoft
| is all about the developer, and seldom seems to cater to the
| true enthusiasts. There's a loosely-constructed MVP program
| (of which I am a member, with the Windows Digital Media
| distinction), but no real company mission to listen to what's
| going on in the world outside the Microsoft (to use their word)e
| cosystem. And because of that, we end up with sloppy,
| "just good enough" experiences. My earlier post on the
| pre-beta of Longhorn illustrates my point ENTIRELY.
| [...]

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