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[News] Great Review of Truly Free (Libre) Ubuntu GNU/Linux

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Review: gNewSense Version 2.2

,----[ Quote ]
| gNewSense Version 2.2 (pronounced “guh-new-sense”) Code name DeltaH - Origin 
| Ireland, started by and continues to be maintained by bbrazil and ompaul. A 
| live Distribution. Gnome: 2.22.3 Build Date 2008.07.31 – Debian 5.0 Lenny is 
| 2.22.3 Build Date 2008.09.18. gNewSense is a pure 100% Free Software Ubuntu 
| base GNU/Linux sponsored by the Free Software Foundation and it does not 
| contain any proprietary licence code; therefore it is completely legally 
| distributable. gNewSense is a great Operating System.      
| [...]
| Conclusion – almost everything worked right of the disk. Using most of the 
| applications contained in this release worked without any problems. Memory 
| sticks were accessed quickly, I burned an *.iso to disk and listen to a Music 
| CD. I like the idea of gNewSense free from non-free software – I joined the 
| Free Software Foundation. Is it newbie ready, well I'm a new Linux user and I 
| got it up and running – easy as abc's.      



The Freedom Maintainers Rocking Ahead

,----[ Quote ]
| How far, then, has gNewSense come? According to Paul’s message, one of the
| main goals of the project was to prove two points:
|    1. That Free software works
|    2. That non-free software “can bite you hard and should not be run”


gNewSense 2.2 released

,----[ Quote ]
| This release features the return of 3D acceleration -- as free software.


Enter gNewSense - the free Ubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
| By using gNewSense you can show that the freedom of the software you use is
| truly important to you. Hardware manufacturers can thereby be motivated to
| provide free drivers and firmware for their products and to allow
| transparency and innovation in this area of software production in the
| process. In addition, you can show the mother projects of gNewSense, Debian
| and Ubuntu, that you want to stick to principles and contracts consistently
| and are not content with phony exceptions.

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