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[News] Fedora 11 (GNU/Linux) Powers OLPC XO-1.5

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The OLPC XO-1.5 and Fedora 11

,----[ Quote ]
| Some good news from OLPC: we've decided to base the new XO-1.5 laptop's 
| software release on Fedora 11. Unlike previous releases, we plan to use a 
| full Fedora desktop build, booting into Sugar but giving users the option to 
| switch into a standard GNOME install instead. (This will mostly be useful for 
| older kids in high school.)    


Migrating from Fedora Art Team to Fedora Design Team

,----[ Quote ]
| As discussed some time ago [1], we are going to rebrand ourselves as the 
| Fedora Design team rather than the Fedora Art team, both in hopes of 
| attracting more UX designers, and also since it's a more accurate 
| representation of the team so folks needing help with UI design will know 
| where to go. Well, for roundabout reasons (getting fed up with our limited 
| ability to collaborate on files, more later in this email) I finally got  
| around to starting this process.      



One XO Learning Laptop Per South Carolinian School Child

,----[ Quote ]
| Last year, One Laptop Per Child/South Carolina launched a XO laptop pilot
| project at Britton's Neck Elementary in Marion School District Seven and
| Rains Centenary Early Childhood Center in Mullins, with 500 computers and an
| over-riding goal: one XO learning laptop per South Carolinian school child.


OLPC XO-2 goes Open Hardware

,----[ Quote ]
| I admit to being a little gobstopped by Nicholas Negroponte’s announcment in
| the Guardian that the next generation OLPC will be Open Hardware is a pretty
| big deal.  I picked up the announcement this morning from Make Magazine
| editor, Phil Torrone’s twitter feed in which he says “This is pretty much the
| biggest news of 2009".  For the maker, tinkerer, hardware hacker world, this
| might just be true.



OLPC: Nigeria's Registrar Finds No Proof KONYIN Registration Was Extended

,----[ Quote ]
| I know. The dog ate it.
| It is also a matter of record that Oyegbola was convicted of bank fraud in
| Boston in 1990 and served a year in prison.
| OLPC Nigeria already told the court that the Extension of Design was invalid,
| but the court ignored them. I don't think it will do so now. If there is no
| valid extension, an injunction based upon it would be improper, obviously.
| The court will have another opportunity to get it right, as this letter will
| now be presented to the court. That's if it *wants* to get it right, which I
| am not at all convinced it does.


Local OEMs boycott Microsoft, Intel

,----[ Quote ]
| The local Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in the country may have
| commenced boycotting of placing orders on the Operating System (OS)
| dominantly supplied by the software giant, Microsoft Corporation and computer
| processor manufacturer, Intel Corporation offices in the country.


OLPC Tells Nigerian Court: We Don't Use LANCOR's Keyboard

,----[ Quote ]
| Here's what OLPC says was hidden from the court:
|     * LANCOR has no valid patent
|     * OLPC hasn't sold any XO laptops in Nigeria
|     * it's a non-profit
|     * the beta XO laptops tested in Nigeria were not for sale and were not
|     given away
|     * OLPC never signed a EULA
|     * OLPC never reverse engineered anything
|     * its keyboards that will be distributed use all public domain techniques
|     and not LANCOR's Konyin keyboard


Nigerian Patent Infringement Lawsuit: Scam or Shame?

,----[ Quote ]
| After reading that story I went to look for the Nigerian Patent Office's
| website, unfortunately according to the WIPO (World Intellectual Property
| Organization) directory there's no such thing. Probing further I found that
| the Nigerian Industrial Property Offices use a @yahoo.com e-mail address.
| That was the point where I stopped my search for an online-version of Patent
| # RD8489 even though I would really liked to take a look at it!

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