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[News] Review of BackTrack 4 (GNU/Linux Distribution)

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BackTrack 4 - Hacking galore 

,----[ Quote ]
| BackTrack is a powerful hacking suite. It is well made, with stylish touches 
| that add to the overall feel of the distribution. It runs very fast in the 
| live mode, even faster than most installed distributions. Most importantly, 
| the array of tool is rich, well balanced and overall quite impressive.   
| The Beta version did throw a few errors here and there, but it was nothing 
| major. Small consistency issues also arise, and there's the lack of support 
| for Ext4, which I expect will be solved soon. Documentation needs to be 
| improved, starting with the website SSL certificate and continuing with lots 
| of questions regarding the general usage.     



Backtrack security testing distro another great tool to convince people of

,----[ Quote ]
| Many times I have experienced windows system administrators who just didn't
| care about Linux.
| These people are not against Linux, they just don't have very much of an
| opinion about it.
| If I try to convince someone like that, I can take my whole live just trying
| to convince them to even try it.
| But I found a way to make them experience Linux.


Backtrack Linux on a Thumbdrive: Can Security Testing Get Any Easier?

,----[ Quote ]
| I have dealt with a lot of Linux distros since I first learned the power of
| my newfound penguin friend. He was free unlike a Microsoft or Apple product,
| had thousands of available programs (also free), and looked damn classy while
| he was in control of my computer.


BackTrack4 choose Ubuntu!

,----[ Quote ]
| I talked with Mati Aharoni about new release now in developement, and him say
| to me that has taken the decision to abandon slackware for choose Ubuntu in
| next BackTrack version (4).



Review: BackTrack 2 security live CD

,----[ Quote ]
| BackTrack is a live CD Linux distribution that focuses on
| penetration testing. A merger of two older security-related
| distros -- Whax and Auditor Security Collection -- BackTrack
| bundles more than 300 security tools.


Hacking tools: A new version of BackTrack helps ethical hackers

,----[ Quote
| Version 3.0 of BackTrack has been released. BackTrack is a Linux-based
| distribution dedicated to penetration testing or hacking (depending on how
| you look at it). It contains more than 300 of the world's most popular open
| source or freely distributable hacking tools.

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