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[News] Linux Graphics Projects Are Reborn

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The Linux VGA Arbiter Has Been Revived

,----[ Quote ]
| Tiago Vignatti has announced he has revived work on the VGA Arbiter for Linux 
| and will be attempting to push this code upstream in the Linux kernel, just 
| four years after this arbitration code was first hashed out.  


Beryl back from the ashes

,----[ Quote ]
| You might be interested that over a weekend a mate and myself introduced 
| Beryl back in to the fold. This is a direct result of our frustration of how 
| bloated Compiz has become and is becoming more of a fashion thing rather than 
| functional for having multiple desktops.   


OpenGL ES 1.1/2.0 State Trackers For Gallium3D

,----[ Quote ]
| Just minutes after announcing Mesa 7.5 Release Candidate 2, Brian Paul has 
| announced that he is in the process of pushing out Gallium3D state trackers 
| for OpenGL ES 1.1 and OpenGL ES 2.0. These two new state trackers for this 
| forthcoming Linux graphics architecture are coming just two weeks after an 
| OpenVG state tracker was released for accelerating this other Khronos API.     



howto enhance your workflow with beryl - part I

,----[ Quote ]
| grouper plugin and tabbed windows
| The grouper plugin allows you to join various windows into
| groups, and perform actions on all the windows as one. For
| example, if you resize one window in a group, all windows are
| resized. If you move one window in the group, they all move.
| [...]
| scale plugin and the four desktop corners
| Because the four corners of the desktop are the easiest parts to hit
| with your mouse, it makes sense to try and put some form of useful
| action in each of the four corners.


howto enhance your workflow with beryl

,----[ Quote ]
| Problem is, I spread my applications across all 4 desktops, so
| that things feel uncluttered when I'm working on an application.
| However, when you want to keep an eye on several applications at
| a time, it's impossible - except, if you have beryl. What I do
| is set one of the corners of my desktop to activate the scale
| plugin to show all windows from all desktops (see here for a
| more detailed explanation). I also make sure that it shows
| minimised windows.


Beryl an Easy Graphical Howto p1

,----[ Quote ]
| The most amazing part about Beryl, is that it?s open source,
| and if you want to get your hands dirty, you can customize it
| to your heart's desire.

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