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Re: CentOS will continue

RonB wrote:
Stone Mirror wrote:
On Aug 1, 5:57 pm, RonB <ronb02NOS...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Obviously, but it's not like the people who donated to CentOS where left
high and dry. They still received a solid OS with regular updates, which
is why they donated in the first place (thanks to great volunteer
developers working under difficult circumstances). What the money should
have been (and hopefully will be) used for, is promoting CentOS. The
developers are holding off with further donations until they have a
transparent process in place -- and to make sure that something like
this can not happen again.

And yet no one's talking about what the "something like this" actually
is. (Roy's not talking about _any_ of it, other than in a "don't
worry, be happy!" sort of way.)

Folks didn't donate money to CentOS to provide revenue enhancement for
Lance, and if that's where it was going, then there needs to be a)
some acknowledgment of that fact, and b) some clearly articulated plan
for making things right. I'd assume the subject must have come up in
the meeting that Lance finally managed to show up for.

Again, obviously. That's why donations have been halted and will not be accepted until all these questions are answered, a point which was made clearly on CentOS's website...

"We thank the people who have stepped forward and want to donate to the CentOS project. We ask that you hold off for now until issues surrounding our new donation policy are put into place."


This is basically a "changing of the guard" -- as a CentOS user I'm willing to wait a few days (or even a few weeks) to get this all sorted out. I've very happy that the developers have accomplished as much as they have already.

Out of curiosity, what's your stake in CentOS?

And, by the way, the people who know what the situation is, are talking about it and doing what's necessary to fix it now. Until they're done, there is no reason to give a "blow by blow" of the meetings. The open letter from the CentOS developers was pretty clear about the situation and Roy linked to it.

"You have long promised a statement of CentOS project funds; to this date this has not appeared."

So, do you think this was too ambiguous? Read some of the blogs at planet.centos.org for more details. As far I can see, the developers are being as forthcoming as possible under the circumstances. They've promised transparency once all the details come to light and a new donation system is set up. I have no reason to doubt that this is exactly what they will do.

"There's a story there...somewhere"

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