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Re: Hello

Moshe Goldfarb wrote:
On Thu, 30 Jul 2009 23:15:30 -0700, verofakto wrote:

I've created a site to document some of the more troubling behavior among FOSS "advocates" that preach freedom but practice hatred, intolerance and fear. I will be expanding the content in the coming weeks as I have time.


Feedback (constructive!) is much appreciated. Source material is as well, as long as it's verifiable and factual.


Very good job !!

This is a classic example of the FOSS community at work and how,
just like I've said for years, you are either 100 percent with
them and their radical beliefs or you are the enemy and will be

I'll be honest, I never thought they would have the balls to
attack Linus Torvalds, well I know Roy Schestowitz doesn't,
literally, but the rest of the community?

That really surprised me.
Moshe you are a liar.

Have I received any attacks from Roy?

Heres some of my views and whilst I believe they are vastly different from Roy's I have received NO INSULT OR BELITTLING BECAUSE OF THEM. On occasion where I have had the pleasure to debate the issues with other FOSS users we have done so in an adult way (check the IRC logs) Heres an example of a few of my "incompatible" views:

1. I actually believe that DRM is a "necessary evil" since people can't be trusted to act responsibly and obey the copyright laws (rightly or wrongly there exists copyright laws and law is not something we can "cherry pick" the bits we like)

2. I support proprietary software that offers value for money and is "fit for purpose" - check my blog if you doubt that.

3. I don't believe in a 100% FOSS computing model. I don't believe it could work.

4. I don't want mass migration to the Linux platform (lest we end up with a Windows type product) and I would like to see (in my ideal world) an equal balance of market penetration between all platforms.

5. I believe "software freedom" should extend to developers in that they are free to release their software as they please (sell it if they wish - point 3).

6. Whilst I don't know the view of Roy or anyone else in the FOSS in regards to this point, I would like to add that I am completely against piracy 100% no questions asked.

7. I don't believe MONO is a patent trap but I am against it because IMO its another example (c#) of the de-skilling of the coder in favor of more user friendly high-level languages. I do have other reasons for not wanting an involvement with MONO, but thats probably the main one. Is it so wrong to look to the past and highlight the days of the A500 and Devpac2 as examples of talented coders?

This is just a small example of my opinion and I would challenge anyone who believes the FOSS community is a collection of "drones" who all agree with each other. I thought that was the remit of the Windows user who blindly supports the platform without even trying anything else.

To Moshe et al, we are adults (can't speak for you sorry) we understand we have differing views. I wouldn't want to post here if it was simply a newsgroup where everyone agreed. I am sure there are many others like me.

"I refute the claim I am one of the Linux unwashed, I take a shower once a year whether I need it or not."

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