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Re: [News] Top Ten Enhancements for OpenOffice.org (Like Firefox), FreeBSD Runs Office 2007

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____/ chrisv on Wednesday 05 August 2009 13:07 : \____

> Andrew Halliwell wrote:
>> trolling fsckwit Ezekiel wrote:
>>> How crappy is OpenOffice that people need to download and install an
>>> "extension" just so they can add a "page number" to their document.
>>That's what headers and footers are for, of course it has that. Pagination
>>is the shuffling of page order so that they come out in book form, you know,
>>one sheet has front and back page on one side, page 2 and second to last
>>page on other side... stuff like that?
> What an ignorant fsckwit, "Ezekiel" is!  The trolls don't mind making
> jackasses of themselves, do they?

More lies from them serve as a reminder of why they are AstroTurfers.

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