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[News] Cracks in the USPTO's Judgment of Patents

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Remind Me: Why Do We Let Patent Lawsuits Go On Even As USPTO Has Doubts About
The Patents?

,----[ Quote ]
| While plenty of people are familiar with the fact that NTP got $612.5 million 
| from RIM in a patent dispute a few years back (which drew tremendous scrutiny 
| into the realm of patents), one of the most interesting details that many 
| people didn't follow was that at the same time as the lawsuit was going on, 
| the US Patent Office was re-examining those same patents, and issuing 
| rejections of the very same patents. Despite the USPTO even rushing to 
| announce its problems with the patents way ahead of schedule, the judge chose 
| not to wait for the final rejections and pressured RIM into paying up.        


Twitter sued for patent infringement


gusgus - Subject: Patent ( Aug 6, 2009, 19:32:14 )

,----[ Quote ]
| This is why we should not have software patents. I've been sending alerts and 
| messages to a distribution list since I was using email. What's the 
| difference.  



Company Receives Patent for Podcasting

,----[ Quote ]
| VoloMedia, a podcast analytics, advertising, and distribution company, just
| received a patent for "providing episodic media," including podcasts.
| According to the company, which filed for the patent in November 2003, U.S.
| Patent 7,568,213 covers all episodic media downloads, not just the
| RSS-dependent downloads that power today's podcasts. VoloMedia CEO Murgesh
| Navar says that the company doesn't plan to go after individual podcasters,
| but that the company plans to "work collaboratively with key participants in
| the industry." We do wonder, however, if VoloMedia can really claim to have
| invented podcasting in 2003, given that the concept was already under
| development by Dave Winer and others in late 2000 and early 2001.

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