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[News] New Fight for Unbundling of Windows in Danish Desktops

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Kamp mod Microsoftskatten


Fighting against the Microsoft Tax

,----[ Quote ]
| I have paid for at least 10 Windows licenses over time, all the machines were 
| purchased to run only FreeBSD. 
| We must stop this distortion and Lenovo would not reimburse the Vista license 
| for my new laptop, I have chosen to sue them.  



OpenOffice.org in enterp[r]ise

,----[ Quote ]
| Roll out occurred almost without any problems. MSI installation is easy to
| handle. FTZ is Ãsing Citrix. Mads believe that FTZ has saved a lot of money
| by choosing OpenOffice.org rather than Microsoft Office. There is still a
| recurring problem when FTZ receive attachments from the Microsoft Office
| 2007, but in the FTZ, they have chosen a key solution, where the IT
| department takes care of conversion of documents.



ISO boards face OOXML deadline pressure 

,----[ Quote ]
| In Denmark, a source reportedly said that Microsoft pressured him to send an 
| expression of support to Dansk Standard, the Danish standards board. By 
| Groklaw's translation, Version2 reported: "'If I had not sent in a positive 
| comment, it would have had consequences for our relations with Microsoft', he 
| says. Our source points to e.g. leads, support and seminars as areas that 
| might be jeopardised if 'he did not behave'." Â Â 
| The Danish MP reportedly wants assurance that only technical factors were 
| considered by Dansk Standard and that political or economic influences were 
| not brought to bear. Â
| Also, a member of the Danish parliament has reportedly lodged a pointed 
| question with a government minister as to whether the government has had any 
| contact with Dansk Standard with regard to the ISO vote on OOXML. Â
| In Norway, Microsoft apparently mounted an astroturfing campaign against the 
| Norwegian standards body Standard Norge. Out of 59 comments received by 
| Standard Norge, 37 were a Vole form letter that many of its Norwegian 
| business partners didn't even bother to sign before sending them in. Â 


A Virtual Open Source Center to Nordic Countries

,----[ Quote ]
| The initiative was confirmed during the Norwegian IT-minister Heidi 
| Grande Roys' visit in Finland. The leader of COSS, Petri Rasanen, 
| stated that the steady operation of COSS is a good base to build 
| the international collaboration on, and for example the web site 
| of the new center will be based on the COSS portal.

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