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[News] Free Software Vital Even to Fog Computing

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Why open source clouds are essential ...

,----[ Quote ]
| In a world where the standard is provided as such an open source reference 
| model (under GPLv3), then you'll need the creation of an assurance industry 
| to provide end user assurance that providers still match the standard 
| (despite of any competitive modifications or operational improvements). This 
| is how you create a truly competitive marketplace and by encouraging 
| diversity overcome the most dangerous risk of all which is systemic failure 
| in the cloud.      
| We have already staked the ground with Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud, our intention 
| is to continue to push this and create truly competitive markets in the cloud 
| using the only viable mechanism - open source. Of course, this is at the 
| infrastructure layer of the computing stack. Our attention will shortly turn 
| towards the platform.    


Doug Cutting joins Cloudera

,----[ Quote ]
| Back in October, I promised to keep marketing and sales out of this blog. We 
| wanted to concentrate on technical topics and to choose signal over noise. 
| Mostly, thatâs meant that I let other people do the writing.  



Open-source, Proprietary Vendors Partner on Cloud BI

,----[ Quote ]
| Four open-source and proprietary vendors on Wednesday announced a new
| partnership resulting in a cloud-based BI (business intelligence) stack.


Keep an eye on your own open source cloud environment

,----[ Quote ]
| Want to live in the cloud but donât quite trust it? SourceForge's open source
| project of the month for August may be for you! eyeos is a self-hosted cloud
| operating environment for business, schools and home built in PHP.


Windows losing out to Web-centric development?

,----[ Quote ]
| Due to the fast growth of open frameworks, it's no surprise that the
| developer is faced with a new dilemma. It's not "which OS should I write to?"
| anymore. It's now "which Web-centric tool will help me develop the best
| application?" From the perspective of the developer, this is a much
| friendlier environment.


Open Source or Cloud?

,----[ Quote ]
| Of course, many cloud providers run their environments on open source
| software, so many cloud customers will end up indirectly using open source as
| well. But when seeking faster, cheaper solutions, organizations will need to
| examine the pros and cons of going with an on-premise open source solution,
| versus a pay-as-you-go cloud solution. ÂThis may be the next big software
| question of the new decade around the corner.


Stallman vs. Clouds

,----[ Quote ]
| Still, I think that RMS is onto something. The core promise of computing,
| even on a vast network that connects us all, is autonomy and independence.
| It's being free (as in freedom) to operate on your own, and to share what's
| meant to be shared in ways that nobody else can control, and to improve
| useful goods in ways that work for everybody. There are, in those core
| values, imperatives that seem at odds with the dependencies that "cloud
| computing" can sometimes involve.

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