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[News] Performance Assessment of the New Arch Linux

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Arch Linux 2009.08 Benchmarks

,----[ Quote ]
| Arch Linux 2009.08 was released earlier this week with a new installer, more 
| automatic configuration settings, many core package updates, and other 
| changes to this growingly popular distribution. At the request of some 
| readers, we have carried out some quick benchmarks to get a general 
| understanding of where Arch Linux 2009.08 is performing in comparison to 
| Ubuntu 9.04.     
| [...]
| Ubuntu 9.04 did much better than Arch Linux 2009.08 when it came to the 
| SQLite performance. The performance of SQLite databases seem to sway a lot 
| between kernel releases and file-systems as our tests have shown in the past. 
| Most of the issues were worked out with the Linux 2.6.28 kernel, but with 
| EXT4 and the Linux 2.6.30 kernel there are some performance regressions that 
| have come back. This issue by no means is specific to just Arch Linux.     



Arch Linux: The Simple, Flexible (and Fast!) Distro

,----[ Quote ]
| Arch Linux is a unique distribution, offering the latest free software via a
| super fast package manager coupled with a âkeep it simpleâ philosophy. It is
| fast becoming a very popular distribution and now thanks to their split
| packages, you can install a lightweight KDE 4.3 desktop for even more
| flexibility and speed.

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