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[News] Mozilla Thunderbird Themes Galore, Move to Firefox 3.5.x Urged

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10 Best Mozilla Thunderbird Themes

,----[ Quote ]
| Among desktop Mail clients, Mozilla Thunderbird is still a popular choice. 
| Although more than 50% of our readers check their eMail online, 15% use 
| Thunderbird, followed by Outlook and other desktop clients. Source: MUO Poll  


Thunderbird has a beautiful GUI. One just needs to skin it.

Mozilla recommends upgrading from Firefox 3.0.x to 3.5.x

,----[ Quote ]
| The information pop-up offers users the option of downloading Firefox 3.5 
| immediately, downloading it later, or skipping it completely. Although the 
| pop-up informs users of potential add-on incompatibilities, users will only 
| find out whether updates for their installed add-ons are available after 
| upgrading to the new version of Firefox. The Mozilla development team says 
| that 90 percent of add-ons have either been updated for version 3.5, or new 
| version have been created.      



ThunderBrowse Transforms Thunderbird into a Web Browser with Tabbed Browsing

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux/Windows: Whilst Mozilla is working hard to bring tabbed emails on an
| improved Thunderbird 3, amongst many other new features â tabbed emails are
| already present in pre-releases of Thunderbird 3, ThunderBrowse will add a
| new feature to Thunderbird 2 you didnât miss, until now, when you read this.


Thunderbird visual refresh on Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Been working on the appearance of Thunderbird for the last two months now and
| as things are starting to land in the Nightly builds, things are indeed
| starting to look quite nice. As always, Lapo have been of great help in the
| icon department.


Getting insight into oneâs own email

,----[ Quote ]
| which isnât as short as it should be, telling me pretty quickly that I have
| some old messages that need attention. Itâll be interesting to see what else
| we learn from these kinds of simple personal analytics.


Thunderbird 3 Coming To Fedora 11

,----[ Quote ]
| Fedora 11 is reaching an impressive number of accepted features. Beyond
| introducing Intel and NVIDIA kernel mode-setting, Nouveau becoming the
| default NVIDIA driver, and a new volume control interface, there will be a
| plethora of package updates. Fedora 11 will have available Xfce 4.6, GNOME
| 2.26, and KDE 4.2 for the desktops.


Thunderbird 3 Beta 2 is Now Available

,----[ Quote ]
| We're happy to announce the release of Thunderbird 3 Beta 2, now available
| for download.


Lightning-in-Thunderbird status update

,----[ Quote ]
| For some time, we (the Thunderbird release-drivers) have been exploring how
| to best integrate calendar functionality into Thunderbird. ÂTime for an
| update.



The future of Lightning... after the Thunderbird announcement

,----[ Quote ]
| We'd like to state publicly that we will continue to work on our two products
| Lightning and Sunbird in the foreseeable future and that we still envision
| great things for Lightning and Thunderbird. We are currently hard at work for
| our next release 0.7 (coming this fall) and are starting the planning work
| for the following releases 0.9 and 1.0.

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