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[News] Virtualisation Makes Windows Just a Windows (in Linux)

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Virtualization p0wns emulation

,----[ Quote ]
| I have been writing a lengthy series that attempts to help new Linux users 
| figure out the best way to cover their Windows application needs. The series 
| starts off by showing how well the Linux community has all of their needs 
| covered by showing the open source equivalents to the most popular Windows 
| applications. The series then goes on to highlight the different ways a user 
| can run full-blown Windows applications. The choices? Virtualization or 
| Emulation.      


The 10-minute crash course in virtualisation

,----[ Quote ]
| Apps like Win4Lin or Win4Solaris will let you run Windows inside a virtual 
| machine on a Linux or a Solaris box, saving you having to buy hardware and an 
| OS. It's not just about Windows apps, though. Virtualisation is driving 
| plenty of convergence between different hardware standards.   
| Virtualisation applications create virtual platforms and hardware that will 
| run on all your physical machines, irrespective of the operating system. 
| Parallels and VMware both have competing desktop virtualisation tools 
| available for Windows, Linux and Mac users. The time when virtualisation was 
| an esoteric technology of interest only to corporations' IT departments or 
| die-hard techno-geeks is over.     



VirtualBox revisited

,----[ Quote ]
| Armed with the original installation CDs, I was able to quickly set up
| virtual machines, called âguests,â that could run Windows Vista, XP and 98
| inside my Ubuntu Linux PC without much fuss. In this way, I was able to run
| Windows applications and switch between them and Linux programs simply by
| clicking on the appropriate window.

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