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[News] Free Software Business a Great Success by Now, Economy Helps

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Larry Augustin: Open source fueling enterprise software shift

,----[ Quote ]
| Open source is giving a mighty boost to the enterprise software industry, 
| changing the support equation for users and signaling to Microsoft and other 
| proprietary vendors that it's time to catch on or be left out, according to 
| Larry Augustin, an open source visionary and the current SugarCRM CEO.   


Open source software assessment methodologies

,----[ Quote ]
| During difficult times, like the current economic downturn, open source 
| systems are increasingly being adopted due to their significant cost 
| advantages. Additionally, open source products are now moving and maturing up 
| the value chain in areas such as Customer Relationship Management, Business 
| Intelligence, Business Process Management and Enterprise Content Management, 
| to name a few.     


Digium to Sponsor Asterisk Open Source PBX Workshop at ITEXPO West

,----[ Quote ]
| The course, hosted by Digium, the Huntsville, Ala.-based creators and 
| developers of the popular telephony platform, provides a one-day âgentleâ 
| introduction to the Asterisk Open Source PBX and is scheduled for September 
| 2.   



'Long Tail' Guru: 'Free' Not a Four-Letter-Word

,----[ Quote ]
| Advocates of free content have long rallied around the slogan
| that "information wants to be free." But to author and Wired editor Chris
| Anderson, content is only the tip of the free iceberg.
| "With the Internet, we created the most competitive market the world has ever
| seen," he during his keynote here today at the SIIA-sponsored Software
| Summit. "What it says is that everything on the Internet will be available in
| a free version. You will compete with free or be free."

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