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[News] Pressure Mounting on US Government to Adopt Free Software Widely

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Open Source for America Welcomes The Linux Box as Latest Member in Advocating
Open Source in the U.S. Federal Government

,----[ Quote ]
| Joining a broad cross-section of more than 1,000 companies, academic 
| institutions, communities, related groups and individuals, The Linux Box is 
| now part of Open Source for America, a unified voice for the promotion of 
| open source in the U.S. Federal government sector. Open Source for America 
| strives to effect change in government to encourage broader support of open 
| source technologies and the open source development community.     


U.S. defense agency teaching open source

,----[ Quote ]
| The September 1 seminar, co-hosted by the Defense Information Systems Agency 
| (DISA) and the Open Source Software Institute (OSSI), promises to detail the 
| Open Source Corporate Management Information System (OSCMIS) program, 
| a "Web-based federal administrative software suite consisting of more than 50 
| applications which handles human resource, training, security, acquisition 
| and related functions for DISA's more than 16,000 users worldwide."     
| John Weathersby, executive director of the OSSI, told me over e-mail 
| that "this is about transparency and sharing and making available resources 
| which have already been paid for."  



The status of open government efforts in the U.S.

,----[ Quote ]
| In the Washington Monthly, Charles Homans has an extensive investigation into
| the early efforts, both in Washington D.C. as a city, and on the government
| level after the high profile nomination (by Obama) of open government
| advocate Vivek Kundera.

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