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[News] Tr.im Becomes Free Software, GIMP Chooses GPLv3

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Tr.im going open source

,----[ Quote ]  
| URL shortening service tr.im is going open source. That's right - after a 
| week in which they first were planning to go kaput, then got resurrected - 
| this week Eric Woodward, the guy behind tr.im is planning to set it all free.  


Open Source: the Ultimate Insurance Policy

,----[ Quote ]
| Nambu was quite prepared just to shut down tr.im; it only chose open source 
| when it recognised that there was a responsibility to its users to provide 
| some continuity, and that open source was a perfect fit. It enables the 
| software to continue to develop, but only as long as there is interest in 
| doing so. If and when the software truly dies, so will the open source 
| project.     


GIMP to go (L)GPL3

,----[ Quote ]
| According to the change notes for the current development branch the next 
| release of the GIMP image editor will be licensed under the GPL3 and LGPL3. 
| GIMP, the GNU Image Manipulation Program, is currently being redeveloped as 
| the unstable development version 2.7, preparing the way for version 2.8 which 
| will be the next stable version expected for release by the end of the year.    



Why the GNU GPL v3 Matters Even More

,----[ Quote ]
| This is important not just because it shows that there's considerable vigour
| in the GNU GPL licence yet, but because version 3 addresses a particularly
| hot area at the moment: software patents. The increasing use of GPL v3, with
| its stronger, more developed response to that threat, is therefore very good
| news indeed.


GPLv3 hits 50 percent adoption

,----[ Quote ]
| In July 2007, version 3 of the GNU General Public License barely accounted
| for 164 projects. A year later, the number had climbed past 2,000 total
| projects. Today, as announced by Google open-source programs office manager
| Chris DiBona, the number of open-source projects licensed under GPLv3 is at
| least 56,000.

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