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[News] Guide for GNU/Linux Backups

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Linux backup guide

,----[ Quote ]
| Performing data backup and recovery in a Linux environment poses some unique 
| challenges. Brien Posey, a freelance writer and former CIO, answers some of 
| the most common questions about Linux data backup in this Q&A. His answers 
| are also available as an MP3 below.   



Arkeia Software Announces Arkeia Network Backup Version 8.1

,----[ Quote ]
| Managed Service Providers (MSPs) that deliver cloud computing typically
| leverage both Linux and server virtualization, areas where Arkeia has
| demonstrated leadership and innovation. Linux provides a robust,
| cost-effective and flexible platform to deliver hosted services and
| virtualization improves the efficiencies of server deployment and management.
| With Arkeia Network Backup version 8.1, MSPs now have the ability to deliver
| even more customized backup capabilities to their customers with a system
| that is secure, scalable and granular.


Druvaa inSync Enterprise Laptop Backup Released on Linux Platform

,----[ Quote ]
| Druvaa announced the long awaited general availability of Druvaa inSync v3 on
| Linux platform.
| Druvaa inSync is fully automated laptop backup software which protects
| corporate data for office and remote users. It features simple backup,
| point-in-time restores, and patent-pending data deduplication technology to
| make backups up to 10 times faster.


Mandriva's answer to Ubuntu One : Click'n' Backup

,----[ Quote ]
| There have been few misconceptions which have been cleared by developers :
| The software was meant to be released previous year but due to some
| difficulties they plan it to release with 2009.1 Spring , and they say they
| don't aim to UbuntuOne service which is pretty irrelevant ? Even if they
| initially didn't launch it to compete with Ubuntu One it doesn't make sense
| that it is not in competition with Ubuntu one and dropbox..and this service
| seems to be a good competitor to Ubuntu One and Rockbox ,.


Mandriva get into the cloud backup business

,----[ Quote ]
| Mandriva, the Linux vendor, has announced "Click'n'Backup", its own web based
| backup system. The service, reminiscent of the recently launched Canonical's
| Ubuntu One, includes online secure storage space and a backup and restore
| tool. Unlike Ubuntu One, the backup and restore tools are available for
| non-Mandriva Linux systems, Windows and Mac OS X.

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