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[News] Science Takes a Lesson from Free Software in More Areas

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A new website for the rapid sharing of influenza research

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| PLoS Currents: Influenza, which we are launching today, is built on three key 
| components: a small expert research community that PLoS is working with to 
| run the website; Google Knol with new features that allow content to be 
| gathered together in collections after being vetted by expert moderators; and 
| a new, independent database at the National Center for Biotechnology 
| Information (NCBI) called Rapid Research Notes, where research targeted for 
| rapid communication, such as the content in PLoS Currents: Influenza will be 
| freely and permanently accessible. To ensure that researchers are properly 
| credited for their work, PLoS Currents content will also be given a unique 
| identifier by the NCBI so that it is citable.         


M.I.T. Calls Academia's Bluff

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| The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has begun the most revolutionary 
| experiment in the history of education, stretching all the way back to the 
| pharaohs. It now gives away its curriculum to anyone smart enough to learn 
| it. It has posted its curriculum on-line for free. These days, this means a 
| staggering 1900 courses. This number will grow.    



Researchers clam up about Microsoft's rush patches

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| Yesterday, security experts involved with two separate lines of research
| declined to comment further about the findings they had already published,
| saying or hinting that they were doing so at Microsoft's request.

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