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[News] Op Ed: Linux Should Descend to Mind Manipulation

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All Linux needs is a good commercial

,----[ Quote ]
| Larry: âWell, give me Linux.â
| Elaine: âGo get it yourself.â
| Larry: âBut I just bought this laptop, I donât want to have to buy anything 
| else.â 
| Elaine: âItâs free. Now go away.â
| Larry: âFreeââ The gears are working in Larryâs brain. âWhatâs the catch. 
| Thereâs always a catch.â 
| Elaine: âNo catch, Larry. Itâs just free.â
| Larry looks over Elaineâs shoulder as she continues working.
| Larry: âLooks good. Hard to believe all of that is free. Why havenât I heard 
| of this before?â 
| Elaine: âYou have now. Now go away!â
| Larry: âFine. Iâll go get this Linux.â


Linux- 5 steps to a wider adoption.

,----[ Quote ]
| Step 2- Publicity
| There does not seem to be any kind of active publicity going on anywhere- at 
| least from where I stand- that is aimed at creating an awareness about Linux. 
| There are hundreds of millions of people out there who simply have not heard 
| about Linux before. That is a vast market waiting to be tapped. But without 
| the proper publicity by the main Linus distros, such a market lies untapped. 
| Lots of people are fed up with Windows and want an alternative, but how do 
| they get to switch to something they have not even heard of before? It seems 
| to me, frankly, that the few people that use Linux as their OS are doing more 
| to advertise Linux than the distro vendors themselves. The internet is a very 
| great tool that can be used to push Linux to the limelight.         



Ubuntu: Marketing Frustrations

,----[ Quote ]
| If we canât have a corporate sponsor such as Canonical, IBM, Intel, Google,
| Linux Foundation paying for adverts, then perhaps itâs time we started doing
| something as a community. Iâm not talking about the nascar 500 debarkle, but
| more of the firefox in the paper, full page spread kind of marketing. This
| kind of marketing would take real organisation though, lots of research and a
| lot of time to pull together all the people interested in making it happen.
| Thatâs probably why itâs not been done before.

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