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[News] Firefox 4 Features Preview, APT2 is Coming

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Top 3 Mozilla Firefox 4 Features For Next Generation Browsing Experience

,----[ Quote ]
| Mozilla Firefox needs no special mention to anyone who is associated with 
| internet. Perhaps the fastest and most reliable browser in this world is the 
| most popular one too as they achieved the Guiness Book of World Records for 
| most download in a single day. The key to their success has been continuous 
| improvement of the browser and large committed group of high-quality 
| developers, which Mozilla Foundation could cheaply leverage due to the open 
| source nature of the product. Mozilla Foundation surely do not believe in 
| resting on their laurels. Mozilla Firefox 4 suits the idiom perfectly as it 
| is coming up with some features we could have never imagined in a browser. So 
| let us sneak into that world.         


The APT2 project

,----[ Quote ]
| The planned Acquire system uses GModule to modularize the support for 
| different URI schemes. Each module provides a worker class which implements 
| one or more URI schemes. The first of these modules will provide a worker 
| using GIO, which deals with local file access, samba shares, FTP, SFTP, 
| WebDAV and various other protocols, including HTTP until a replacement has 
| been written (since we donât want to force gvfs-backends). The workers 
| communicate with the parent Acquire object using signals and can cause the 
| whole acquisition to be aborted by emiting an âabortâ signal (or similar).       



Design ideas show Firefox 4.0 with a Chrome look

,----[ Quote ]
| Mozilla has released mockups that show how Firefox 4.0 conceivably might
| look, and two words spring to my mind: Google Chrome.


First Look at Firefox 4.0 Design Mockups

,----[ Quote ]
| Last week we took a look at initial design mockups for Firefox 3.7, and now
| the busy designers at Mozilla are back with some theme mockups for the
| even-further-into-the-future Firefox 4.0.

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