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[News] Specsavers Puts BI on Top of GNU/Linux

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Pentaho Announces that Specsavers is Deploying BI to its International Hubs

,----[ Quote ]
| Pentaho, the commercial open source alternative for business intelligence, 
| recently announced that Specsavers, the UKâs most trusted optical retailer, 
| is deploying business intelligence (BI) to its international hubs, based on a 
| platform using Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Platform and Pentaho BI 
| Suite Enterprise Edition. The deployment allows Specsavers to standardize 
| information delivery and metrics at a regional level to help drive continued 
| growth and to maximize corporate agility.      


Levementum Announces Partnership Agreement with Pentaho

,----[ Quote ]
| Levementum, the industry leading open source system integrator, announced 
| today an alliance with Pentaho, the commercial open source alternative for 
| business intelligence (BI).   



Cloud Based and Open Source - Can Business Intelligence Get Any Cheaper Than

,----[ Quote ]
| So, yes, as I've lately discovered, there are open source, cloud based
| business intelligence solutions. With no more license fees to worry about,
| you can bring down capital expenditures. And with all the cost-saving
| benefits mentioned earlier, it would be very difficult to say no to such a
| solution. Not everyone needs this, but those who do should very well start
| studying their options. This is definitely one advantage you wouldn't want
| your competition have a head start on.


Pentaho and Jaspersoft Make the Case for Open Source BI

,----[ Quote ]
| The open source software business intelligence (OSS BI) community was greeted
| recently with significant releases from two of the highest-profile players --
| Pentaho Corp. (which markets a full-fledged OSS BI platform) and Jaspersoft
| Corp. (the proprietor of a commercialized version of the seminal
| JasperReports OSS reporting project).


Jaspersoft's open source BI software updated

,----[ Quote ]
| Jaspersoft have updated their open source Business Intelligence (BI) Suite
| with Jaspersoft v3.5. The new version has two major new features, in-memory
| analysis and multi-tenant operations. In-memory analysis allows the client to
| perform data analysis on their local system, rather than sending queries to
| an OLAP server or data warehouse, so businesses which do not have the
| resources or capabilities to set up an OLAP server or data warehouse can now
| still perform analysis.


A Last Look at Open Source BI

,----[ Quote ]
| Open-source BI and I have come to a parting of ways. OS-BI capabilities,
| reliability, and support have matured. Commercial OS-BI vendors now compete
| with BI market leaders.


Open Source Business Intelligence Gets 'Cloudy'

,----[ Quote ]
| New releases from JasperSoft and Pentaho underscore the growing importance of
| Software as a Service for data analytics.


Business Intelligence: Whoâs Benefitting From the Boom?

,----[ Quote ]
| Still, open source options from Jaspersoft and Pentaho continue to gain
| momentum.


What Business Intelligence Options Exist in Tough Economic Times?

,----[ Quote ]
| It still remains to be seen whether or not organizations will choose to
| invest in business intelligence during a recession. Due to financial and
| market uncertainties, there are generally two ways organizations might look
| at business intelligence (BI) and its overall value to the organization.
| First, that cutting budgets and limiting IT spending will save costs. Or
| second, that it becomes even more important to manage an organizationâs
| performance and that this will, in turn, lower overall expenses and help
| organizations stay competitive. Whichever way organizations on a large scale
| choose to look at things remains to be seen as both sentiments have potential
| value.


Open Source Business Intelligence

,----[ Quote ]
| Like most of you, I have invested some of my savings in several investment
| products managed by a particular asset management company. They regularly
| send me a ton of promotional materials on their various schemes and new
| products from time to time. More than 90% of what they send me is of no
| interest to me. In other words, a bulk of the money these companies spend on
| their marketing campaigns simply goes down the drain. However, it does not
| have to be this way.
| Companies such as these already have in their possession all the relevant
| data needed to create a unique âbuyer profileâ answering questions such
| as âwhat is my risk appetiteâ, âwhat kinds of investment products do I prefer
| buyingâ, âwhat my annual expenditure isâ, âwhat months of the year am I most
| likely to have surplus funds to investâ and so on. All of this should allow
| them to send focused information to all of their customers/prospects and cut
| down on a considerable amount of wasteful expenditure.


Leading Global Nutrition Company Deploys Pentaho Business Intelligence on the
Amazon Cloud

,----[ Quote ]
| Pentaho Corporation, the commercial open source alternative for business
| intelligence (BI), today announced that Nutricia North America, a division of
| Group Danone, has deployed the Pentaho BI Suite in production running on the
| Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). Implemented by Pentaho Certified Partner
| OpenBI, the application integrates data from disparate systems to provide
| analytical insight across Nutricia's product lines, customers, and
| geographies.

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