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[News] [Rival] Vista 7 to be Bitch-slapped by the FSF

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FSF Launches Windows7sins tomorrow

,----[ Quote ]
| From the info-member list:
|     This Wednesday, August 26 at 11am, the Free Software Foundation will be
|     launching its Windows7sins.org public awareness campaign, drawing
|     attention to the threats posed by the adoption of Microsoft's
|     proprietary operating system. We have a launch event here in Boston on
|     the Boston Commons from noon until 3pm, and we need everyone in the area
|     to come along and help out and join in the ceremony as we conduct a
|     ceremonial trashing of proprietary software.
|     **We'll be launching our Windows 7 campaign with pomp and fanfare, with
|     a giant 12 foot trashcan being filled with boxes of proprietary 
|     software.** 
|     The event promises to be lots of fun, and with thousands of people
|     passing through the Boston Commons every day we hope you will help us
|     connect with the public by handing out information and explaining the
|     benefits of free software. There will be camera crews and photographers
|     capturing the event and we will be getting these images up online as
|     soon as possible on the day.
|     Let us know you're coming and bring along your friends and work
|     colleagues - mail campaigns@xxxxxxx if you have time to help us set up,
|     or just turn up at the Boston Commons near the entrance to the Public
|     Gardens from noon.
|     If you're not in the Boston area, there will be plenty for you to do to
|     help us launch the campaign and get the message out. Stay tuned for
|     upcoming instructions...


Vista 7 is a piece of insecure, incompatible, bloated -POS- variant of Vista.
Wait and watch how it fails in the market, despite Microsoft's PR/AstroTurf
that'll strive to conceal it.


7 reasons I choose Linux over Windows 7

,----[ Quote ]
| Many have marked the 22nd of October on their calendars,but they seem to have
| forgotten the presence of the penguin.Mind you my friend the penguin is
| everywhere.Here are some of the Linux distributions releasing around that
| date
| Ubuntu Karmic : October 29th
| Fedora 12 : November 3rd
| OpenSuse 11.2 : November 12th


Linux vs Windows 7

,----[ Quote ]
| And this is where Linux can make a big difference. There's nothing in Windows
| 7 that Linux can't do, and in most cases, do it better. Our machines are
| quicker and more efficient. Our desktops are more innovative and less static.
| Our apps are more powerful, cheaper and less partisan, and Linux security has
| never been better. But best of all, we have complete control over the future
| of Linux, and it's success or failure at the hands of Windows 7 is in our
| hands.


Seven things Windows 7 can learn from Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| 1. More frequent release cycles. As Iâve already explained, Microsoftâs worst
| enemy has been its very long release cycles. Linux distributors, on the other
| hand, have the opposite problem â too frequent release cycles. But what would
| a consumer be more interested in, an operating system thatâs eight years old
| (Windows XP) or one thatâs updated every year or even six months? Fresh
| product releases means fresh marketing and Microsoft knows this. From Windows
| 7 on itâs bye, bye many-year release cycles and hello two year cycles at the
| most.

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