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[News] [Rival] Free software Votes Against Mono

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Much ado about nothing: C# use in open source

,----[ Quote ]
| Its use stands at - hold your breath - 1.24 percent, just one-hundredths of a 
| percent more than assembly language. 
| Mono, for the uninitiated, is an attempt by Miguel de Icaza, the co-founder 
| of the GNOME desktop project and currently vice-president of Novell, to 
| replicate parts of Microsoft's .NET development environment as an open source 
| project.   
| Novell is the same company that signed a patent indemnification deal with 
| Microsoft in November 2006, which gave the latter opportunities to spread FUD 
| about Linux. The charges which were levelled have remained just that - 
| unproven charges.   



Banshee UI to be in Moonlight

,----[ Quote ]
| Yes. Thatâs right. According to the GCDS 2009 presentation notes on the
| Banshee site, we learn lots of nice stuff about Banshee:
| âItâs not just an app, itâs a platformâ.
| Â Â * Long term goal is to write the UI in Moonlight
| Â Â Â Â Â o Declarative UI, canvas, scene graph, and toolkit
| Â Â Â Â Â o Moonlight is an Open Source implementation of Microsoftâs
| Â Â Â Â Â Silverlight technology â and it is awesome
| âBanshee is going to do photosâ
| âWe are re-basing the F-Spot core on top of Bansheeâ
| And it ends with GNOME, Mono and Banshee logos.
| Moonlight is of course, absolutely toxic unless you get it directly from
| Novell, as the so-called âcovenantâ specifically prohibits non-Novell
| distributions from distributing Moonlight

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